Rock Band MONA Returns With "Nothing is Dead"

Nick Brown, a true polymath in every sense, embarked on an artistic odyssey that took him from the creation of monumental hits to a period of introspection, and finally, to a resounding revival with MONA's latest release, "Nothing Is Dead".

Originating from the heart of Dayton, Ohio, and now finding its artistic haven in Nashville, the enigmatic world of MONA comes to life through the musical genius of multi-talented artist Nick Brown. Blending a rich array of roles including musician, producer, singer, and songwriter, Nick Brown has cultivated MONA into a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. The saga began with MONA's debut self-titled album, which not only garnered a BBC Sound of the Year award nomination but also clinched MTV’s Brand New title. With an impressive track record that spans late-night TV appearances and sharing stages with legendary acts, MONA's journey isn't ready to stop yet.

The eagerly awaited revival of MONA took shape through their latest single, "Nothing Is Dead". This musical masterpiece not only demonstrates Nick Brown's unyielding creative spirit but also showcases his unique capacity to translate life's rhythmic cycles into poignant compositions. In "Nothing Is Dead", Brown delves into themes of duality, the ebb and flow of life, and the intricate dance of existence. The song navigates the intricacies of contrasting forces, such as ego versus humility, authentic aspirations versus isolated fixations, and constructive competition versus corrosive envy.

Talking about the song, Nick Brown explains: "“Nothing Is Dead” addresses the concept of cycles.  The ups & downs of life. Seasons. Birth, death rebirth… ego vs humility - true desire vs lonely obsession - healthy competition vs rotten jealousy. Or maybe it’s just a tune with no meaning crafted to apply whatever meaning you want … nah nvm. It’s about dualism. No, it’s not.".



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