A Harmonious Tale of Hope and Resilience Through SCROBA and AV ALLURE's Music

In a world where life's challenges often knock us down, "Remonter" emerges as a beacon of hope and resilience.

This remarkable song, crafted through the combined talents of SCROBA and AV ALLURE, weaves a captivating narrative of life's ups and downs, ultimately promising the strength to rise again. "Remonter" serves as a reminder that no matter how deep the fall is, there is always a way to ascend and emerge stronger.

Adam El Bacha, also known as SCROBA, is an international artist born in Amsterdam, with his roots in Morocco. His childhood and education were immersed in the French language, resulting in him performing his music in French. His love for music began at a young age when he discovered Michael Jackson's album "History: Past, Present and Future, Book I". Inspired to pursue a musical career, SCROBA started writing and freestyling during his teenage years, eventually joining a rap group. However, it wasn't until he survived a terrorist attack in Brussels that he fully committed to his dream of music.

Partnering with producer Dani Silva Durand (a.k.a. AV ALLURE), SCROBA's music explores a range of genres while staying true to his urban roots. Together, they create a unique blend of sounds that captivates listeners from different backgrounds. Their collaboration is a testament to the power of music in transcending language barriers and connecting people on a profound level.

On February 24th, 2023, SCROBA released his first single, titled "Gata", which is part of a two-track maxi-single titled "Le Passé" (The Past). This single introduces the audience to the beginning phase of relationships, touching upon themes of nostalgia and personal growth.

Intriguingly, throughout 2023, SCROBA plans to release at least three multi-track EPs, each consisting of two songs, titled "Le Passé" (The Past), "Le Présent" (The Present), and "La Future" (The Future). The stories told through these EPs will take listeners on a journey through the beginning, middle, and end of relationships, painting a vivid and emotive picture of the human experience.

"Remonter" is not just a musical collaboration; it is an inspiring narrative of resilience and hope, a reminder that life's challenges can be overcome. SCROBA and AV ALLURE's partnership showcases the transformative power of music and its ability to connect people from diverse backgrounds.


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