DAYNIM Releases Empowering Anthem of Self-Expression with 'Glossy Lips'

Bangkok-based RnB/Hiphop/Soul sensation, DAYNIM, is making waves with the release of the music video for, 'Glossy Lips', song taken from their second album, 'PSSST!'.

The captivating track aims to transport listeners into an iconic scene from a classic rom-com high-school movie—the unforgettable dressing-for-a-party moment, while promoting self-expression and confidence.

Drawing inspiration from the 2020s hip-hop style, 'Glossy Lips' has a dynamic composition characterized by strong beats and a mesmerizing synth bass line. The Thai band artfully blends RnB/Soul, Hiphop, and Pop influences, creating a sound that is uniquely their own, making the track both infectious and unforgettable.

In 'Glossy Lips', DAYNIM skillfully weaves a tale that resonates with audiences, incorporating modern unisex fashion trends. The band's versatile vocal styles complement the energetic composition, demonstrating their evolving artistry and storytelling abilities.

The accompanying music video for 'Glossy Lips' is a visual treat, reflecting DAYNIM's creativity and attention to detail. It promises to transport viewers into a vibrant world of fashion-forward visuals, further enhancing the track's narrative and message.

Stay connected with DAYNIM's journey by following them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and immerse yourself in the empowering anthem of self-expression by listening to 'Glossy Lips' and watching the captivating music video. Let DAYNIM's empowering message and uplifting energy inspire you to embrace your unique self and confidently express your individuality in this ever-evolving world of modern music and fashion.

Header Image Credit: Tawat Jirapisitkul


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