Jan Daley Presents Sensual Jazz Rendition: 'The Way Of A Woman'

Jan Daley, the extraordinary vocalist and versatile artist, has recently unveiled a captivating jazz rendition of her hit track, "The Way Of A Woman".

With her remarkable talents and tireless work ethic, Jan Daley has solidified herself as a prominent figure in the music industry. Seamlessly juggling multiple projects, she has consistently received critical acclaim throughout her career. "The Way Of A Woman", one of Jan's previous releases, skyrocketed to the top of the Billboard charts, rightfully securing the prestigious No. #1 position. Notably, Jan Daley wrote this captivating song herself, along with five other tracks on the album, showcasing her exceptional songwriting abilities and her knack for crafting soulful melodies. Jan Daley is also a Woman Songwriters Hall Of Fame inductee for this year's edition. Founded by Dr. Janice McLean DeLoatch, the organization is dedicated to recognizing the invaluable contributions of women songwriters throughout history.

When discussing the jazz rendition of "The Way Of A Woman", Jan Daley shared: "My producer, Michael B. Sutton, came up with the idea to record 'The Way Of A Woman' as a Smooth Jazz song", she shared. "I wanted to give it a more relaxed and sensual feel. Smooth Jazz is known for its smooth textures and soulful melodies, which I felt would complement the song's lyrics and overall vibe. Additionally, Smooth Jazz has a wide appeal and is enjoyed by many, making it a great way to introduce my music to a broader audience."

The singer is currently working on a "Best Of" album which will undoubtedly serve as a testament to Jan Daley's versatility and musical prowess. Drawing from her previous successful releases such as the acclaimed "Where There's Hope" CD, supported by the Les Brown Jr. Swinging Big Band and the Springfield Symphony, as well as the enchanting "Broadway Memories" CD, Jan promises to present these timeless tracks in a fresh and invigorating manner. Broadway World Magazine, renowned for its expert analysis, raves, "Daley is a master of dynamic vocal range... she delivers these gems in a whole new & refreshing way... Be prepared to be enthralled!"

However, the surprises on this album don't end there. Listeners can also expect to find gems from her "Live" CD, including the beautiful duet "The Prayer," as well as a selection of captivating Christmas songs from her Billboard No. #4-ranked "Home for Christmas" CD. With Jan Daley's impressive vocal range and unique interpretation, each track on this album promises to be a whole new experience for her fans.

Jan Daley's jazz rendition of "The Way Of A Woman" is an exciting glimpse into her forthcoming album, "Best of". With her exceptional vocal prowess and a carefully curated selection of tracks, this album promises to be a sensational celebration of her musical journey and a testament to her enduring talent. As Jan Daley continues to captivate audiences with her unique style and powerful performances, her star shines brighter than ever, solidifying her place among the jazz greats of our time.

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