Julien Canaby: A French Rising Star Spreading the Message of Time

In the vibrant world of music, where talent shines and dreams come true, Julien Canaby, a 21-year-old artist from Toulon (France), emerged as a bright star in 2022 during the tenth season of French popular show Star Academy.

Born into a family of musicians, singers, and artists, Julien Canaby has nurtured a deep connection with music since his early years. Despite being somewhat in the background among his family of singers, he took a leap of faith in 2022 by participating in a well-known television show, without harboring many expectations. Little did he know that the Star Academy experience would unlock his true artistic spirit, leading to a profound personal transformation. As he embarked on this journey, Julien was met with an outpouring of love and support from his newfound fans upon leaving the show.

Fueled by the kindness of his new community, Julien Canaby, alongside his older brother Mathieu, took on the challenge of writing an album, drawing inspiration from the myriad of influences that have shaped his life. From the soulful sounds of Stevie Wonder to the heartfelt melodies of Ed Sheeran, and the French touch of Christophe Maé and Corneille, Julien's upcoming album promises to be a sun-kissed musical masterpiece.

With a clear vision in mind, Julien aims to share his message with as many people as possible through his music. His debut single, a perfect anthem for summer, serves as a reminder to embrace the art of being an epicurean and to take the time to move forward. Julien's objective is to spread the idea of "T'as le temps" (You have time), encouraging listeners to appreciate the present, be grateful for the past, and welcome the future with open arms.

Julien Canaby's journey from a talented yet reserved young artist to a flourishing star has been nothing short of extraordinary. From the transformational experience of Star Academy to the overwhelming support of his fans, Julien's passion for music has propelled him forward. As he prepares to release his highly anticipated album, his music promises to transport listeners to a sun-drenched world filled with positivity and a reminder to cherish the beauty of time. Through his infectious melodies and inspiring lyrics, Julien Canaby is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry and touch the hearts of people around the world. So, let's embrace the rhythm, enjoy the journey, and remember that we all have time.

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