Q&A with rising singer-songwriter Ned Moss

I got to chat with British singer-songwriter around his latest release 'Chapters'.

- Hi Ned Moss! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers?

Hi all! My name is Ned Moss, I’m a young upcoming singer-songwriter from London. Music for me is and always has been something that connects the artist and audience like no other thing can, so hope you enjoy the music to come!  

- Can you take us through the creative process behind your latest track 'Chapters'?

'Chapters' is something I hold incredibly close to my heart, it was written and recorded all in one session and just poured out which is a rare and fantastic feeling for songwriters.

- The concept of processing through the chapters of a relationship is interesting. Can you walk us through the different chapters explored in the song?

'Chapters' is essentially a therapy session for me, taking parts of real scenarios and relationships I’ve had and combining them with film like scenes to try and create something that not only connected with and helped me, but something I hope can let the listener project onto and use as an outlet for whatever they may be going through in their life. 

- Who are some of your biggest musical influences and how have they shaped your artistic style? - What do you believe sets you apart from other musicians?

That’s a big question I wont go on for too long and bore you, but some huge influences of mine are Coldplay, John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, Jacob Collier, Nick Drake, I could do on and on. I think the thing that sets me apart is the thing that sets everyone apart. I’ve never been a believer in copying other artist but I’m a strong advocate for trying to learn as much as you can and then wear the influences proudly on your sleeve, every great artist became who they were because of the people they looked up to, and I think if you’re true to yourself and keep an open mind you’ll always have ‘your sound’. 

- What do you want listeners to take from your music?

Music for me has always been a therapy, and I think if I can write something that connects with a listeners emotion, allows them to have a good cry or makes them smile or escape from the world for a few minutes, then that’s my absolute dream achieved. 

- What's the hardest thing you experienced as a singer-songwriter so far?

I think it’s a job for thick skin, if you want to do it you have to be ok with lots of rejection, judgement etc, so perseverance can be hard at time but just remembering the love and joy for music you have is the thing that keeps you in it.

- Can you give us a little sneak peek about your upcoming EP?

Well it turns out me and the team might be onto something abit bigger than an EP but I can’t say too much! I’m unbelievably excited about the project, it’s been an incredible experience and I’ve been through so much writing record and just living through the creative process which I think with this latest stuff that really shines through, hopefully you’ll all enjoy what’s to come!

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