Helioé: Rediscovering the Symphony of Nature through Sound

French artist Helioé releases first album "Antipodes".

In the world of artistic exploration, there are individuals who transcend boundaries, revealing the interconnectedness of various forms of expression. Helioé, an explorer, sound sculptor, composer, and audio-naturalist, is one such multi-faceted artist. With a profound passion for music from an early age, Helioé embarked on a journey to Laos in 2019, where he encountered the awe-inspiring beauty and infinite richness of natural sounds. Since then, he has dedicated himself to collecting, cataloging, arranging, and elevating the enchanting songs, resonances, and vibrations he records during his expeditions and geophonic encounters in the wild.

Helioé's first album, titled "Antipodes", extends far beyond the artist's personal expression of sensitivity. By meticulously recording and selecting the natural sounds he encounters on his travels, Helioé seeks to find his place, as well as humanity's place, within the grand Symphony of Life. He aims to be both an observer and an active participant. With "Antipodes", Helioé offers a sensory experience that places nature at the forefront of contemporary musical and sonic creation. Moreover, he strives to raise awareness among listeners about the fragility of natural sounds and the necessity to preserve them. In a world devoid of wild nature, humans would not only lose the possibility of a sustainable future but also the opportunity to marvel at unique, intricate, and ever-evolving sensory worlds.

Helioé opens a window, a space for us to reconnect with the elements in their purest essence, where the original beauty of life is expressed through sound. It is an invitation to experience the discovery of undiscovered wild universes. This album holds a universal purpose, reintroducing Nature into the hearts and minds of listeners, regardless of their cultural backgrounds. Both the album and the artist pay homage to Life in all its forms, personifying Nature as a complex and sensitive organism with which we can harmoniously interact—neither exploiting nor destroying one another.

Helioé, through his artistic endeavors, allows us to reawaken our appreciation for the Symphony of Nature. As we listen to his carefully curated sounds, we are reminded of the delicate balance that exists between humanity and the natural world. "Antipodes" serves as a testament to the importance of preserving and cherishing the wild soundscape that surrounds us. Let us immerse ourselves in the album's sensorial journey, reconnecting with the enchantment of the Earth and fostering a profound respect for its remarkable diversity and interconnectivity. Through Helioé's artistry, we rediscover the magic that lies within the symphony of nature's harmonies.


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