Namor releases Synth-driven Pop album ‘Mile High Club’

Independent artist Roman Shokuri aka “Namor” just released his debut album Mile High Club.

Namor is an independent artist, producer, and songwriter from San Francisco. The artist marks his first release in 2023 with an album titled Mile High Club. The name is a reference to an elite futuristic club in the sky/in a skyscraper where a young man and a woman meet. We follow their story through the 11 tracks composing the album.

While the album mainly features synth-pop and electronic sounds, it has a little bit of everything for everyone, as some songs follow the classic “four-on-the-floor” drum patterns and others dip into smooth hyper-pop breakbeats.

“This record started off as a small-scale album to be made solely for live performance in clubs, and it slowly became a very endearing art piece as the concept developed into a story with characters reflecting my own relationship experiences” - Namor

Join the Mile High Club by listening below:


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