New Music Friday: Will Joseph Cook, Memorial, Prins and more…

5 brand new tracks to check out right now on Voice’s New Music Friday playlist

New Music Friday: Will Joseph Cook, Memorial, Prins and more…

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Temple Invisible - Stardust

Taken from their upcoming ‘Chiasm’, ‘Stardust’ is an adventurous mix of garage beats and electronica pulling the listener into a trance-like space. Sonically the track thrives from heavier beats juxtapositioned by slow and spacey electronic melodies. Despite the fact there are no real lyrical moments on the track the listener still experiences an unusual journey through time thanks to the abrupt pausing between heavy and soft segments. Speaking about the track, Irina Bucescu details: “It’s about the abstract birth of the universe, or the birth of the abstract universe. Its volumes bend and stretch towards stability, reaching for structured unification with the fluid wisp of imponderability.

Prins - That’s the thing

Blurring the lines between Jazz, RnB and pop, Kiwi artist Prins unveiled her new single this week even performing on national television to celebrate! Her vocals are velvety smooth with an obvious hint of jazz whilst the melody remains something of a pop exploration with catchy  repetitive beats adding consistency and stability keeping the obvious elements of a pop track but adding a more nostalgic feel with the tone and pace of her vocals. That's the thing that is the ideal track for fans of singers such as Dua Lipa and Anne-Marie, as well as a great starting point for trying something new. 

Will Joseph Cook - Little Miss (lo-fi)

Returning to the bedroom indie pop he does best, Will Joseph Cook’s  release of Little Miss (lo-fi) puts the single into a whole new light. Reimagining one of his new singles, the lo-fi version of Little Miss is a whole lot more magical and spacey with more exposed vocals and a backing track stripped of its high impact and strong beats but extenuating the warm vocals and serene environment. This gives the song a coffee shop in Camden vibe that's exquisite on rainy days and deeply emotional in the evenings. Little Miss (lo-fi) is crafted for the slower moments in life.

Memorial - Honest

Vulnerable whilst full of power, this week Memorial released their single Honest taken from their new EP of the same name. The track is an emotional stripped back masterclass in modern folk, lead by a piercing and romantic vocal showcasing the benefit of truthfulness in music and using pain to connect with a wider audience. The melody is propelled by prevalent electric guitar that's used as a tool for both softness and impact within the track at a chilled pace. As a listener Honest feels like you're being engulfed into a warm and safe environment on the worst of winter days and it's sure to bring crowds together for a moment of solace and unity when played live. 

M1llionz - NGL

‘NGL’ (Not Gonna Lie) is the artists’ first offering since dropping his debut mixtape - ‘Provisional Licence’ (other than a feature on HAZEY’s ‘Packs & Potions - Remix (Feat. M1llionz, Digga D & Unknown T)’. The Birmingham MC has clearly used this radio silence to perfect his craft however and this is clear with NGL. The track combines his patented effortless flow, street-influenced bars and infectiously produced beats. Pyrex Kenny’s beat takes centre stage for the first ten seconds and establishes a clear tone for the track, it becomes clear in the opening stanza that this is going to be a hard-hitting, infectious offering from him. M1llionz (not to be outdone) tames the hard-hitting instrumental with what sounds like relative ease, waxing lyrical about fact and fiction on road but doing so with an effortless flow that makes it seem easy. 

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