New Music Friday: The Vaccines, Florence + The Machine, Michelle Willis and more…

Our top picks of the best new music in the last week!

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The Snuts - Zuckerpunch

Scottish Indie rockers The Snuts return with their new single Zuckerpunch, their second taste of new music since the critically acclaimed debut album that reached number 1 on the UK charts. Honing in on their bedroom indie rock style, the four-piece take on the giants of social media and a longing for simpler pre-internet times. Sonically the track itself isn't a far cry from anything the band have released before. However, it does foreshadow a more politically charged second album with their last single, Burn The Empire, taking a swipe at politicians and the world of the rich.  Talking about the new single Zuckerpunch, though, lead singer Jack Cochrane said, “Lyrically, everything is derived from feelings of screen fatigue, social media burnout and an overwhelming sense of anxiety about the fast-moving internet world. It depicts hard-hitting messages around the more impactful pitfalls of social media, the internet en masse and the protection of your identity and privacy.

Michelle Willis - Trigger (feat. Taylor Ashton)

Canadian singer-songwriter and keyboard player Michelle Willis released her new single this week. Trigger is a thrilling yet comforting duet alongside Taylor Ashton that pulls in influences from folk and jazz, blurring genre boundaries and creating the ideal atmosphere for your morning coffee or midnight drive. Talking about the new single, the Brooklyn based singer said, “Trigger is about being your own worst enemy. It’s an attempt to talk some sense into myself and people I love, to wake up and recognize no one but themselves are holding them back,” Willis says. “Turning it into a duet gave the song more of a story, like two people in a relationship calling each other out.

The Vaccines - Thunder Fever

The Vaccines are indie-rock royalty with a career that spans over a decade. Their latest single, Thunder Fever, came after releasing their fifth studio album Back In Love City last year. The new single fits with the band’s slight change of direction into a poppier sound whilst keeping the core elements of a classic rock band. The chorus is undeniably catchy, whilst Justin’s vocals retain the same level of familiarity fans have come to love throughout their rise to fame. Talking about the track, The Vaccines frontman explains, Thunder Fever’plays on the idea that falling in love can feel as powerful, intense and as sudden as something meteorological. Something heaven sent. It feels out of this world. Pop music has always been obsessed with the other-worldly, and that’s how the best of it often looks and feels – it relies on hyperbole”.

Florence + The Machine - King

Florence + The Machine return with their stunning new single King, fronted by the effervescent yet haunting vocalist and songwriter Florence Welch. The band’s new track tells of how Florence felt at a disadvantage to her male counterparts for the first time in her career when deciding whether she wished to start a family with the lyrics detailing, “we argue in the kitchen, about whether to have children... How Much Is Art Really Worth?”. The songs pulsating bass guitar and rousing vocal create an intense yet powerful atmosphere when the singer belts out a stunning vocal alongside a choir partway through the track.

The MookMann - Back To The Past

Chris Collins - A.K.A ‘The MookMann’ - offers something truly unique in the form of ‘Back To The Past’. Collins’ self-defined ‘trap jazz’ style is an eclectic amalgamation of hip-hop, jazz and … spoken poetry?! Yes, ‘Back To The Past’ lays humorous, story-telling bars over an infectious and bouncy instrumental. Now I know what you’re thinking; I wasn’t expecting this combination to work either, but then I heard it - ‘Back To The Past’ will make you bop your head, take in some bars and perhaps even earn a chuckle, all in under two minutes. MookMann’s ‘Back To The Past’ is most definitely worth your time checking out. It’s experimental, catchy, and well worth two minutes of your time.

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