Is the Prince is finally punished?

Prince Andrew is finally stripped of his Military titles and HRH style after a series of harassment allegations from underage girls point towards him.

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It is a victorious day for many after the Duke of York, Prince Andrew has been stripped of his Military titles, patronages and the title of His Royal Highness by his own mother, Queen Elizabeth. This will likely be a very humiliating time for the Prince as he holds a lot of pride in his military platform. 

This is of course after the infamous Jeffrey Epstein scandal was brought back into our media following the imprisonment of his female accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell on five of the six counts of sexual harassment. It seems like finally people of a higher class aren't able to continuously get away with dirty misconduct due to their position keeping them safe.

Virginia Giuffre, the lady behind the allegations is the reason why this case is constantly being pushed back into the spotlight after several attempts of it being shushed and hidden by the accused party. The bravery of Ms Giuffre is nothing to be disregarded. Her and many of the other girls claiming to have been harassed by both Epstein and the Prince deserve justice after the tormenting events they recall and constantly have to re-live in court. As the girls were never able to witness any punishment of Jeffrey Epstein after his reported suicide it's important that they receive some form of reparation for what they have been put through. 

Virginia claims to have been forced to sleep with the Prince multiple times by Epstein, the two had irrefutably met prior to this and Virginia still holds a photograph of them. However, the Prince still desperately disregards it and claims the image is faked, in The BBC interview on the topic in 2019 he claims to have never met her. The strength that it would take her to stand her ground for so long deserves praise and contradicts his feeble attempt at an excuse.

Unfortunately, we are not new to the idea of older misogynistic men assuming girl's bodies are here for their own pleasure. This is seen constantly in our society and as a young girl myself it makes me feel sick that these powerful men have taken advantage of someone incapable of giving consent. However, possibly we can stay hopeful as the Prince is no longer able to hide behind his title and will have to finally face a court hearing this year as a private citizen.

Header Image Credit: Prince Andrew faces sexual assault allegations


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