Sam Abrahams | Trinity Talent 2018

Sam is celebrated in the TrinityTalent | Class of 2018 for Musical Achievement and Progress

Sam Abrahams | Trinity Talent 2018

One of two drummers in the family, Sam has been nominated by music teacher Gareth Siggins, along with his twin brother Joe, for passing his Grade 8 exam. 

“After months of strategic planning and gently sibling rivalry,” says Gareth, “twins Sam and Joe trained for their Grade 8 within 6 months after competing their Grade 6 Rock and Pop exams to achieve a merit and distinction in Grade 8, respectively.”

“After Joe achieved a distinction in Grade 8, his twin brother Sam spent months working on the techniques and time keeping skills used in samba, jazz funk and Latin soul to develop the necessary skills for the level. The added pressure of having a twin with highest honour makes this submission a worthy one as there was much work to do to attain and succeed at the highest level. I'm incredibly proud of the twins for their dedication; and they both adore each other as much as playing music.”

Sam says that he found working towards an exam drove him to practise more and work harder. “It's actually more fun as well,” he adds. “[It] gives you a goal and a focus. I feel really good about myself afterwards and have a real sense of achievement.”

Sam’s advice to fellow Trinity students? 

“Just go for it. Don't be afraid to showcase your talent. If you work hard towards something, you will feel great afterwards when you achieve your grading. Work hard, play hard is our family motto!”

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