TrinityTalent 2020 Nominations


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Nominations now closed - Find out what the judges are looking for

Voice is delighted to be working with Trinity College London again to profile talented young people achieving Trinity’s music, drama and Arts Award qualifications in the UK. This year we have an extra special award for Arts Award alumni to celebrate 15 years of Arts Award supporting creativity! 

Teachers and students can nominate young artists aged 13-25 who have shown excellence in one of the following categories during 2020: 

We’ll feature those talented artists selected by the judging panel for the Class of 2020 in an online gallery, with all nominees receiving separate recognition from Trinity. This isn’t just for your high fliers - we welcome nominations of young people who have overcome challenges or made progress in any category, especially during the additional difficulties faced this year. 

Nomination art forms

Young artists must have achieved a Trinity College London qualification in 2020 in one of the following arts areas: 





ARTS AWARD ALUMNI (achieved before 2018) 

Nomination categories

This year we're welcoming nominations from young people who worked towards qualifications during the lockdown, whether that's reflected in diversifying art form, moving digital, or overcoming circumstantial barriers caused by Covid-19. Find out more about what the judges are looking for!

ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENTartistic skill, excellence in performance

This could be a top performer whether in music, drama, art or any artistic activity covered by Arts Award - on and offstage, or someone who has noticeably developed their artistic skills this year. 

CREATIVE FLAIRoriginality, inventiveness

Innovators who use their skills to create great new sounds or works of art. It could be through improvisation in acting, a new musical composition or arrangement, an inventive collection of work, or experimentation with unusual materials. 

PROGRESS: commitment, stamina, personal development

Young people who have put in the time and effort to make progress. Whether it’s expanding their skill range, taking on an ambitious project, gaining more confidence in presenting their art, adapting their art for digital presentation, or devising and writing a new script. 

LEADERSHIP: leading, supporting or inspiring others

Those who’ve played a role in helping others to achieve or have led groups to create their projects. They may have acted as a mentor to younger students, led workshops, or produced or directed a performance. 

ARTS AWARD ALUMNI: Outstanding achievement

Celebrating arts and/or career achievements for Arts Award alumni who achieved their award before 2018. 

How to nominate

1. Ensure you have permission from the young person you would like to nominate. 

2. Click on the 'Nominate' button below to fill in the nominations form. This is what our panel of judges will use as evidence for selecting nominees so please make sure it's as detailed as possible and includes links to relevant evidence for the category you are nominating for. The more links to videos, photos or website evidence the better! 

3. Please include any relevant context about the nominee's life, circumstances or challenges but PLEASE ensure that you have permission to share these details and that the young person is happy for us to approach them with this information.

4. Nominations are open from 2 November to 11 December at midnight - NEW DEADLINE 18 DECEMBER AT MIDNIGHT! 

5. Our selected panel of judges will use the nominations form to discuss the nominated young people at a panel meeting in January 2020. They will select a handful of deserving young people who show flair in each category and art form to become the TrinityTalent Class of 2020.

6. The selected TrinityTalent Class of 2020 will be featured in a special gallery on Voice magazine from March 2021. 

The TrinityTalent Class of 2020 Selections

The TrinityTalent Class of 2020 will be showcased in a special gallery on Voice magazine from March 2021. Each class member will also receive a letter of commendation from Trinity College London and a TrinityTalent badge. 


‘Can I nominate myself?’

You can nominate yourself for the Arts Award alumni category but not for any of the art form categories. You will need a tutor, teacher, parent or practitioner to nominate you. 

'I would like to nominate the group I have been working with. Is that OK?'

It is fine for teachers, parents or peers to nominate more than one young person – there is no upper limit on the number of nominations that can be made. However, TrinityTalent is designed to celebrate individual achievements, so wherever possible, please make individual nominations by completing the form for each person you wish to nominate.

‘Can I nominate a family member?’

Yes, you can nominate any family member who has achieved their exam or qualification during 2020. 

‘The person I want to nominate didn’t do Trinity exams. What do I do?’

TrinityTalent is intended to celebrate those who have achieved a Trinity College London qualification in Rock & Pop, classical and jazz, drama, or Arts Award during 2020 (or pre-2018 for the Arts Award alumni category). It is not possible to nominate people who have achieved qualifications or awards via other exam boards.

‘Does the person I want to nominate need to be within the age range at the time of doing their exam?’

Yes, they need to be between 13 and 25 years of age at the time of their exam. 

‘Can I nominate someone who was in the Class of 2019?’

You can nominate someone who was in the TrinityTalent Class of 2019, but only if it's for a separate exam or qualification they've sat during 2020. You can not nominate the same person for the same exam. 

‘The person I want to nominate did a Trinity alternative assessment, or Trinity Digital Grade or Diploma. Is that OK?’

Nominations are open for anyone who has completed a Trinity College London qualification during 2020. This can either be via a digital or face-to-face exam.

'Can I nominate someone for more than one category?'

Yes, you can nominate someone for up to two categories, but you will need to provide separate evidence for each category. See the terms and conditions below for more information.

'The person I wish to nominate won’t have sat their exam/received their result before the closing date for nominations – can I still nominate them?'

If an exam/assessment has been entered and paid for, then the candidate can be nominated. A candidate awaiting a result is also eligible for nomination. However, if a ‘pass’ (minimum) has not been achieved, then the nominee will not be eligible to be selected for the Class of 2020. If a candidate’s face-to-face exam or Arts Award moderation is postponed to 2021 or cancelled due to circumstances outside the centre’s control (e.g. COVID restrictions), the nomination may be automatically transferred to TrinityTalent 2021 at the judges’ discretion.

Terms of nomination

  •  Teachers, music teachers, students or parents can nominate (but you can't nominate yourself, sorry!) Please make sure you have permission from the person your nominating! 
  •  Nominees should be aged 13-25 and have achieved a Trinity qualification in Rock & Pop, Classical and Jazz, Drama or Arts Award in the UK during the calendar year of 2020*
  • Nominees can only be nominated for a maximum of TWO categories and separate evidence must be provided as to reasons for nominating for each category. 
  • Nominees must agree to be nominated & provide a contact email or phone number
  • Voice cannot feature any young person who can't be contacted
  • We may not be able to feature every nominee and the judges' decisions are final
  • Nominees who were featured in the TrinityTalent Class of 2019 and have achieved another Trinity College qualification in 2020 can be nominated for the Class of 2020 as long as the nomination is for a different achievement. 
  • At the judges' discretion a nominee can be awarded a different category to what selections have been nominated for if they feel the example is better placed elsewhere
  • All information included in the nominations form will be included in the public celebration materials if the young person is showcased in the gallery. 
  • All nominations details will be shared with Trinity College London and Voice magazine and will be used in marketing materials for both organisations for successful nominees. 

* Trinity will check all nominations and Voice will contact approved nominees for a photo and a short interview about their experiences with Trinity exams. 

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