TrinityTalent | Class of 2021 | Classical & Jazz

A man wearing a black leather jacket playing an acoustic guitar in a dark room, with ambient strip lights behind him

Trinity College London is delighted to introduce the TrinityTalent | Class of 2021 | Classical and Jazz

TrinityTalent celebrates young artists who have developed their practice through Trinity qualifications in 2021. Meet the Class of 2021An open nominations process invited teachers, peers, friends and family to propose young people taking Classical and Jazz qualifications who had shown excellence in Creative Flair, Leadership or Progress. 

This year, once again, TrinityTalent includes a Youth Choice panel as well as the TrinityTalent panel. The Youth Choice panel selected young people from each subject whose nominations stood out for them. Read more about the Youth Choice Panel here.

Click through to find out more about these talented young Classical & Jazz artists. 

Edward Marshall

A young male playing a drumkit and wearing headphones with a musical score to his left

Drums ATCL
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Hannah Birrell

A young female  smiling to the camera, holding a recorder and sitting in front of an upright piano

Grade 8 | Recorder
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Tevini Yeshara Dias

A young female sat indoors at an upright piano, looking at the camera to her right

Grade 7 | Piano
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Sarah Hoben

A young woman with brown hair, is stood outside in front of a green bush with small yellow and pink flowers around her in the background.

Creative Flair
Grade 8 | Singing
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Oscar Knight

A young man in a school uniform sat at a classical piano on a stool, looking over his right shoulder at the camera. The young man has brown hair and the background is filled with other classical pianos.

Advanced | Piano
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Special Mentions

Special Mentions recognise young people that the TrinityTalent Panel would like to celebrate for a particular achievement, resilience in overcoming personal challenges or making a significant impact in their chosen art form throughout the year. 

Anastasios Perperidis

A young school girl in her uniform for her class photograph on her own, with a professional background.

Grade 5 | Piano
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Adam Fennel

A young man with black glasses and dark hair, wearing a grey tracksuit, looking a laptop with his left side facing the camera, there is wodden drawers and a flower ornament behind him.

Grade 8 | Trumpet
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A collage image consisting of 5 pictures, cut diagonally right for each image. There is also a heading stating “Trinity Talent – Class of 2021”. The first image on the bottom left, is of two girls working on a piece of art in a classroom, the second is a young man in a leather jacket with an acoustic guitar on his lap in a dark room with ambient lighting, the third image is on a young woman facing left singing with her mouth open wearing a blonde wig, the fourth image is of a young man playing the drums, the fifth and final image is of a young man wearing headphones recording a performance.