TrinityTalent | Class of 2021 | Rock & Pop

: A young man with drumsticks in hand, wearing a brown bomber jacket, hitting a drumkit

Trinity College London is delighted to introduce the TrinityTalent | Class of 2021 | Rock & Pop

TrinityTalent celebrates young artists who have developed their practice through Trinity qualifications in 2021. Meet the Class of 2021. An open nominations process invited teachers, peers, friends and family to propose young people taking Rock & Pop qualifications who had shown excellence in Creative Flair, Leadership or Progress. 

This year, once again, TrinityTalent includes a Youth Choice panel as well as the TrinityTalent panel. The Youth Choice panel selected young people from each subject whose nominations stood out for them. Read more about the Youth Choice Panel here.

Click through to find out more about these talented young Rock & Pop artists.

Ava King

A photo of young woman singing into a microphone with her eyes closed. The image is black and white, within a badge shape template. With the header Youth Choice.


Grade 1 | Singing
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Joe Manning 

A young man wearing a bucket hat and square black glasses, and a black baseball jacket. The young man is stood infront of an old fashioned dark wooden door.

 Grade 5 & 6 | Guitar & Drums
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Kayleigh Hampton

A young woman with brunette hair, and black eyeliner. She is looking down to the right with her arm over head posing.

Grade 5 | Singing
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Varnu Yajnavalki Boora

A young boy with dark hair wearing a white school shirt and red with blue tie. He is sat on a chair with a guitar on his lap, staring at the camera.

Creative Flair
Grade 6 | Drums
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Lily Poston 
A young woman is taking a selfie styled image wearing a black beanie with her dark hair draping outside.

Creative Flair
Grade 3 & 5 | Vocals
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Special Mentions

Special Mentions recognise young people that the TrinityTalent Panel would like to celebrate for a particular achievement, resilience in overcoming personal challenges or making a significant impact in their chosen art form throughout the year. 

Yoni Nemko

A young boy sitting at a drum kit with drumsticks in hand. The boy has dark brunette hair and is wearing a black ACDC tshirt with white sleeves. There is also two guitar in the background, of a small white room in a home.

 Grade 8 | Drums
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A collage image consisting of 5 pictures, cut diagonally right for each image. There is also a heading stating “Trinity Talent – Class of 2021”. The first image on the bottom left, is of two girls working on a piece of art in a classroom, the second is a young man in a leather jacket with an acoustic guitar on his lap in a dark room with ambient lighting, the third image is on a young woman facing left singing with her mouth open wearing a blonde wig, the fourth image is of a young man playing the drums, the fifth and final image is of a young man wearing headphones recording a performance.