TrinityTalent | Class of 2021 | Youth Choice Panel

TrinityTalent celebrates young artists who have developed their practice through Trinity College London qualifications in 2021. Meet the Class of 2021. An open nominations process invited teachers, peers, friends and family to propose young people taking Trinity qualifications who had shown excellence in Creative Flair,  Leadership or Progress. 

The nominations were reviewed by the TrinityTalent panel and Youth Choice panel. Young people from each qualification were selected to be profiled on Voice and make up the TrinityTalent | Class of 2021. 

A ‘Youth Choice’ was chosen from each subject: Arts Award, Classical & Jazz, Drama and Rock & Pop, based on a range of achievements, experiences and personal progression. The Youth Choice panel were impressed by the quality of nominations received which showed a wide breadth of skills and personal development.

Find out more about the young people involved in the Youth Choice Panel in the gallery below.

Jacob Harrison

A young man sitting in the dark with a spotlight on him, an oak acoustic guitar on his lap.

Freelance classical guitarist, composer, and music teacher

TrinityTalent | Class of 2020 | Classical & Jazz

"The most important thing about leaning music is to enjoy the process of learning, not just the results. So, practice hard and do the best you can, but make sure you are having fun whilst doing it! Also, try things that are outside of your comfort zone and you may just find new passions for things that stay with you forever 🙂"

Aleysha Mcquade

A selfie styled photo taken by a young lady with brunette hair. The lady is wearing makeup with a red lipstick.

   Full Time Fine Art Student 
TrinityTalent | Class of 2020 | Arts Award

"My advice for the young creatives is to enjoy yourself, only good things can happen when you put love into something! Reflect on your journey so far with Trinity and remember that this is a great step into your creative future!"

Amelia Worssam

A young woman with light brown and a full fringe is taking a selfie of her face close up.

        TrinityTalent | Class of 2020 | Arts Award  
Upstart Projects Member

"The most important thing when creating art of any kind is to have fun. Enjoying what you are doing will motivate you to practise and improve. However, to find your passion for an art form you first have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Producing anything for the first time always feels daunting and it is often difficult to have the confidence to start the practice of a new skill. But if you can be brave enough to begin you might just discover something incredible in yourself. And remember, everyone learns at a different rate, and art is very subjective, don’t compare yourself to others. Enjoy your creativity and practise, practise, practise!"

Alfie Jackson

A young man with a black tshirt, a gold chain and a baseball hat in a ocean-side restaraunt.

TrinityTalent | Class of 2020 | Rock & Pop

"My advice for young people taking a Trinity exam is make sure you practice until you feel like you are really fluent with your pieces. Break down your piece into the bits you find easy and the parts you find more challenging and really practice and focus on the challenging parts."

Orla Wyatt

A young person outside wearing a white hoody and blue jeans looking over their shoulder to the right, standing on stone steps with two stone columns behind them.

TrinityTalent | Class of 2020 | Classical & Jazz

"Enjoy what you do!! Trinity is all about fun and creative side of music, so throw yourself into that. Don’t just do what you have to; experiment and try different things, find the thing that you love. As long as you practise hard, and love what you do, you’re bound to succeed."

Oliver Hodgson

A young man with brunette hair with a middle parting, and a friends arm over his shoulder.

 TrinityTalent | Class of 2020 | Drama

 "My advice for anyone taking a Trinity qualification is to be yourself, as that will allow your unique talent to shine through your art."

A collage image consisting of 5 pictures, cut diagonally right for each image. There is also a heading stating “Trinity Talent – Class of 2021”. The first image on the bottom left, is of two girls working on a piece of art in a classroom, the second is a young man in a leather jacket with an acoustic guitar on his lap in a dark room with ambient lighting, the third image is on a young woman facing left singing with her mouth open wearing a blonde wig, the fourth image is of a young man playing the drums, the fifth and final image is of a young man wearing headphones recording a performance.