Matthew Powell | Trinity Talent 2018

Matthew is celebrated in the TrinityTalent | Class of 2018 for Musical Achievement

Matthew Powell | Trinity Talent 2018

Matthew has been nominated by music teacher Marcia Scales for his outstanding musicianship while working towards his Grade 8 Bb Cornet exam, which he passed with distinction. Marcia says Matthew supports all music activities at school, including helping other pupils. Earlier this month, he took part in the Calne music and arts festival and was crowned Wiltshire Young Musician of The Year 2018 for his Hummerl's Trumpet Concerto. His real love is playing jazz on his cornet. 

Matthew says that taking Trinity exams has expanded his repertoire: “It has encouraged me to play a range of styles and pieces that I would perhaps not have picked up otherwise. This in turn has enhanced my musicianship and my ability to play different types of music. Taking the exams has greatly improved my technical ability as it has challenged me to play some complex music that I have had to practise hard on.”

Matthew’s advice to other Trinity students?
“Take your time and make sure that the pieces are comfortable to play. Feel the music and make the appropriate rises and falls in the dynamics. Listen to other great musicians playing the pieces you are playing or pieces that are in similar styles – I have learnt to lot from listening to top musicians and soloists! Relax and enjoy it: your performance and sound will be much better than if you get worked up about it!”

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