Fynn Davies, Rock & Pop

We catch up with Fynn Davies, currently working towards for his Grade 4 and 5 in Trinity’s Rock&Pop Keyboard at MusicStation. 

Fynn Davies, Rock & Pop

Hi Fynn, tell us about your experience of taking a graded music exam. 

My first exam was nerve-wracking, as I didn’t fully know what to expect, however you find it easier from then onwards if you are confident in your playing and realize that the examiners are there to help!

In what ways do you feel like your creative talent has progressed? 

My experience in scales and unique chord progressions learnt through a whole range of songs for the grades has opened a lot of new ideas I was unable to express beforehand, from my lack of skill. Now I feel like I’ve progressed massively from where I started and can develop small concepts into functioning pieces

What was most valuable to you personally?

The songs I learnt became more than songs to me as I worked on them, they became symbols of my progression in music and showed the diversity of genres I was shown by my teachers. The pleasure gained from starting a new song to being able to play it through completely is hugely satisfying and hard to achieve through other activities

What did you find inspiring?

The most inspiring part of the process is learning just how sophisticated the songs are that you are learning. It is very easy to listen to music but much harder to break it down and find the overwhelming amount of time, skill and passion put into each song by each artist. 

What was challenging?

When you come across new sections in a song that is harder than you have previously learned, it is difficult to persevere and devote time to the same bar repeatedly until you can play it fluently. However, the harder you work, the more satisfaction you get from being able to play it. 

What are you going to do next – and has your qualification helped you?

I’m currently working on my grade 6 and would like to finish all the grades, as each one helps you learn more theory and helps make you a better musician. The skills I’ll gain will definitely help me with my songwriting and learning for my school band.

How did you get involved with music or drama in the first place?

My love of music had me driving at a young age to learn an instrument, as I felt that my love of art wouldn’t be complete without the ability to play it.

Who gave you the most help and inspiration?

My music teacher helped massively in opening my eyes to all the corners of music and managed to transform a completely new musician at a young age to a slightly more competent one!

Doing a Trinity music qualification?

From interviews with professionals or guides on alternative careers to advice to help you develop your skills, we’ve got something to inspire you and get you through your Trinity music qualification. Check out our music Voicebox. 

Header Image Credit: Fynn Davies, keyboard student with MusicStation


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