Trinity Talent | Class of 2018


Voice magazine is delighted to be working with Trinity College London to profile talented young people achieving Trinity’s music qualifications in the UK. Nominations are now closed but we hope you'll visit the Class of 2018 online gallery in February 2019 to meet some amazing young musicians.

Singers performing

Band with keyboard, guitar & drumsWe asked teachers and students to NOMINATE young musicians aged 13-25 who have shown one (or more!) of the following during 2018:  


We’ll feature these talented musicians and the centres which support them in an online gallery and each young person will receive individual appreciation from Trinity. This isn’t just for your high fliers - we welcome nominations of young people who have overcome setbacks or disadvantages in any category.

NOMINATE young people on the form below before 14 December 
Trinity will check all nominations and Voice will contact approved nominees for a photo and quote. We can only feature those whom we can contact.

Here's a bit more detail about the nomination categories:

BoxMUSICAL ACHIEVEMENT:  musical skill, excellence in performance
This could be a top performer or someone who has noticeably developed their skills this year

CREATIVITY:  original composition, arrangement, improvisation
Innovators who use their skills to create great new sounds or works of music

BoxPROGRESS: distance travelled, commitment, stamina, personal development
Young people who have put in the time and effort to make progress, perhaps against the odds?  

BoxLEADERSHIP: leading, supporting or inspiring others
Those who’ve played a role in helping others to achieve or leading ensembles

- Teachers, music teachers, students or parents can nominate (but you can't nominate yourself, sorry!)
- Nominees should be aged 13-25* and have achieved a Trinity qualification in Rock & Pop or Classical & Jazz music in the UK during 2018
- Nominees must agree to be nominated & provide a contact email or phone number
- Voice cannot feature any young person who can't be contacted
- We may not be able to feature every nominee and Trinity's decision is final

*Trinity may extend the age range after the first year of this recognition scheme

Guitar Practice