TrinityTalent 2019

Trinity Talent class of 2019 nominations open until 13 December


Voice is delighted to be working with Trinity College London to profile talented young people achieving Trinity’s music, drama and Arts Award qualifications in the UK. 

**NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED** Thank you to all those who have nominated talented young artists.  Look out for the TrinityTalent | Class of 2019 gallery from 1 March 2020.

Teachers and students can NOMINATE young artists aged 13-25 who have shown excellence in one of the following categories during 2019: 

“Not only has working towards the qualifications improved my skills, but the qualifications have opened up exciting opportunities for me..."  Imo Marinko,Trinity Talent Class of 2018 for Musical Achievement

Young artists must have completed a Trinity College London qualification in Rock & Pop, Classical and Jazz, Drama or Arts Award during 2019. We’ll feature those talented artists selected by Trinity for the Class of 2019 in an online gallery, with all nominees receiving separate recognition from Trinity. This isn’t just for your high fliers - we welcome nominations of young people who have overcome challenges or made progress in any category.

Nomination categories: 

ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENTartistic skill, excellence in performance

This could be a top performer whether in music, drama, art or any artistic activity covered by Arts Award - on and offstage, or someone who has noticeably developed their artistic skills this year.

CREATIVITYoriginality, inventiveness

Innovators who use their skills to create great new sounds or works of art. It could be through improvisation in acting, a new musical composition or arrangement, or an inventive collection of work. 

PROGRESS: commitment, stamina, personal development

Young people who have put in the time and effort to make progress. Whether it’s learning a new skill, taking on an ambitious project, or gaining more confidence in presenting their art. 

LEADERSHIP: leading, supporting or inspiring others

Those who’ve played a role in helping others to achieve or have led groups to create their projects. 

The pieces within these exams provided the starting blocks I needed to start delving into different areas in music... Now I’m closer to discovering the kind of music that I truly connect with the most.  Finn Genockey, Trinity Talent Class of 2018 for Musical Achievement, Creativity, Progress and Leadership


 - Teachers, music teachers, students or parents can nominate (but you can't nominate yourself, sorry!) Please make sure you have permission from the person your nominating! 

 - Nominees should be aged 13-25 and have achieved a Trinity qualification in Rock & Pop, Classical and Jazz, Drama or Arts Award in the UK or Ireland during the calendar year of 2019*

 - Nominees must agree to be nominated & provide a contact email or phone number

 - Voice cannot feature any young person who can't be contacted

 - We may not be able to feature every nominee and the judges' decisions are final

 - Nominees who were featured in the Trinity Talent Class of 2018 and have achieved another Trinity College qualification in 2019 can be nominated for the Class of 2019

* Trinity will check all nominations and Voice will contact approved nominees for a photo and a short interview about their experiences with Trinity exams. 

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