Lea Michele and Darren Criss Concert

A review for the Lea Michele and Darren Criss Concert

Lea Michele and Darren Criss Concert

On the 2nd December 2018, I went to the Apollo in Hammersmith with my family to see Lea Michele and Darren Criss. Lea Michele and  Darren Criss starred in Glee as Rachel Berry and Blaine Anderson. Before going, I was extremely excited as I had been a fan of the American TV show since I was young, so it was an absolute dream come true. 

When we got to the venue, there were lots of people queuing outside. It took a while for everyone to get inside but it was very orderly. Once we were inside, there was a stall selling merchandise and many bars. We walked further inside and found our seats. The supporting act had almost finished playing when we entered. I don’t think they were advertised very well as it seemed that no one knew who they were or that they were to be playing before the concert started. 

Overall, I loved the concert, although it was very different to the other concert I’ve been to. In the summer, I went to Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour where everyone was on their feet, singing and dancing throughout the concert. This concert was different, however, as the venue was smaller, there were less people and it was more like a performance than a concert. The singing was amazing especially because we could hear both parts when they were singing duets. 

Lea Michele and Darren Criss sang some songs together and some separately. My favourite song which Lea sang was ‘Rain on my Parade’. This song was very iconic in Glee as it was ‘Rachel’s song’ and she sang it multiple times throughout the series. Her vocals were amazing, and it was nice to be able to hear her sing it live. Darren Criss had sung a different ‘surprise’ song for each concert on the tour. For London, he sang a rock version of ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ as Keane is from East Sussex. This was my favourite song of the entire concert as The Warblers sang it as a farewell song to Kurt in Glee. 

The last song they sang was ‘Make You Feel My Love’ as a tribute to Cory Monteith. For this song, they didn’t use microphones or amplifiers, just their voices and Darren’s guitar. Everyone was silent as they were singing, and the song touched everyone’s hearts. It was very pure and a beautifully calm way to end the concert. 


Victoria C

Victoria C

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  • Bee Snellen

    On 7 January 2019, 13:41 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    Excellent review, Victoria!

    It sounds like it was a great performance! Did they perform many Glee songs, or did they perform mostly newer material? Were there any original songs?
    It must have been very emotional to hear 'Make You Feel My Love'!

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