The Lion King

This is my summary and review of The Lion King in London.

The Lion King

Last week I went to see the ‘Lion King’ with School. I absolutely loved how the people used puppets to become animals and the way the contraptions and mechanics worked changed from scene to scene. Julie Taymor is the woman responsible for bringing the animals to life on stage and I am interested to find out more about her work. a It’s the second time I have seen it but I actually found it better the second time as I found it easy to focus on how they did everything - the acting and the stories. The songs were incredible and the puns made me laugh like when Timon and Pumba break the fourth wall.

Timon and Pumba were probably my favourite characters because they’re funny but they also showed emotion. They really looked after Simba when he was feeling so alone and destitute. 

My favourite scene was when Mufasa dies because it was so dramatic. It was such a big scene that made it look like there were Wilderbeast running all the way around Mufasa and Simba. When Mufasa dies, he falls off a cliff which although it’s very sad and moving, it is also extremely clever; I noticed how they made it look like he was falling to his death with a rope above him which is almost impossible to see.  The other scene that resonated is the transformation in the jungle when Simba is a child and he runs off and then we see an older Simba swinging on a branch. It was such a good way illustrate that Simba was growing up. 

I found this absolutely brilliant and would recommend it to everyone


Jack Blamire

Jack Blamire

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  • Ela Fimowicz

    On 15 March 2018, 20:59 Ela Fimowicz commented:

    Wow! Amazing review. I've been dying to see this show for over a year and now I know it's actually worth to see. If I do ever go then I'll make sure to look out for both the scenes you said you liked and I'm sure the rest of the show is just as good. Well done!

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