Adopted into a well-known family as a child, Elizabeth Frankenstein is a woman ahead of her time. But when death strikes the household, a dangerous obsessions takes hold.

In the darkness of night, Elizabeth manages the unthinkable – creating sentient life. But as the resulting monster is shunned by her maker, she is cast out into the violent and unfeeling world beyond. When a terrible chain of murder and horror is unleashed, both creation and creator must come face to face in a final, terrible showdown.


The event was called Frankenstein and it was held at the space theatre what i enjoyed about the event is that they used different types of props also they used people imagination to make the story to come alive what i did not enjoyed about the event was that it was in a semi circle and i wanted them to use the stage more. From going to the event i have learned that Frankenstein was the name of the doctor.i would recommend this event also i would go again.


Shakib Azhar

Shakib Azhar

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  • Jason Lam

    On 8 March 2018, 19:53 Jason Lam commented:

    Yeah i would love to go again.

  • zubair ahmad

    On 13 May 2018, 14:15 zubair ahmad commented:

    i hope u like it shakib

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