Paul Young - Behind the Lens Review by Leon Watts

Hey guys, this is where I talk about Paul Young's concert in Swindon. I'm a 19 year old 80s fan so this is something that is close to my heart. I've discovered Paul Young's Music for about 8 years now and I think he is very talented.

Paul Young - Behind the Lens Review by Leon Watts

On the 29th April I went to a Paul Young acoustic concert at the Wyvern Theatre.

I really enjoyed the stories Paul Young told about the musicians that he worked with. It was interesting to see that Mark Knopfler was on the guitar for one of his songs. One thing I liked, was that it worked well to move between playing songs and telling stories. He told his stories by speaking to the guitarist on stage - it was effective to have him speak to someone else on stage as it made the atmosphere feel nice and chilled.

The music was gentle and different - it was interesting. It was only Paul Young and the guitarist performing so it was quite simple. The audience were singing along to the songs but it felt very calm, this is different to every other concert I have been to. Normally there is lots of jumping around but I liked the fact this concert had a quieter tone. This quieter tone was also reflected in the lighting which was very calm, it stayed fairly similar throughout the show. If I could change one thing about the concert, I would have had a bigger band playing with Paul Young and put less emphasis on the country/folk side of his music.

The Q&A at the end of the performance was interesting as one of the questions was quite embarrassing, which was funny. The guitarist acted as a host and took the audience's questions for Paul Young. I really enjoyed the Q&A as you got to hear a little about his life and have a laugh with him. I think it worked really well to have the Q&A after the concert. It meant we had an insight into his personality after enjoying the music.

The best thing about the concert was Paul Young’s humour and the stories he shared. I would recommend this concert for anyone who is interested in a calmer concert experience and also those who are huge Paul Young fans!


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