Review of Sea Girls Hometown Tour in Birmingham

Sea Girls recently embarked on their Hometown tour in the UK and performed at Birmingham’s O2 Academy in a SOLD-OUT show. 

Review of Sea Girls Hometown Tour in Birmingham

Sea Girls are an indie rock band formed in London and signed by the record label Polydor Records. Their hometown tour, which I saw at Birmingham's O2, had so much energy led by frontman Henry Camamile. Henry involved the audience throughout the performance which had a very youthful appeal with amazing vocals and guitar. I liked how he introduced each song and everyone enjoyed sharing the experience with the talented artists. The audience played an important part in the show as they definitely brought energy and enthusiasm.  The crowd was electric and it was lovely to see everyone having a great time.

The likes of Andrew Dawson, Oli Khan, and Rory Young, who also featured, were super talented and it was a pleasure to recognise and appreciate the musical talents of all band members involved. However, I would have liked to have seen more from them individually as it felt they were sidelined and not given the opportunity to each have their moment to shine - all the attention was on the frontman throughout with no audience interaction coming from the other members.

The sound, lighting, and staging were very well presented with the band's logo featured in the background.

If you ever go to see a Sea Girls show expect to hear music such as Do You Really Wanna Know? Dasiy Daisy and many more catchy tunes.

Lauren Hibberd was the support act on the tour and performed a variety of songs including some of her own and was a great addition. She was excellent at warming up the audience.

It was great to sing along with the crowd and there was so much excitement and joy in the air. Sea Girls brought an uplifting, positive vibe to Birmingham and I left the venue with a spring in my step.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys this particular style of music.

For more on Sea Girls, visit here

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