Bayley Burridge | TrinityTalent 2019

Bayley is celebrated by Trinity for Creativity in Arts Award. 

Bayley Burridge | TrinityTalent 2019

Bayley was nominated by his parent for creativity shown during his Silver Arts Award. They said that 'Bayley’s interest in fashion has grown rapidly and the Art’s Award really allowed him to explore his ideas and the industry. One designer expressed that Bayley had a real talent for design and creativity. He created his own streetwear brand logo and then used it to design a range of clothing including a t-shirt, a mask and a hoody.'

'He also learnt to sew. He discovered that he had a real passion for more advanced high fashion which he researched extensively to develop his own designs in that area of the industry. After taking many items of clothing apart to learn how they had been created, he eventually designed and made a cape, that featured in one of his designs.'

'During the Arts Award Bayley was given the opportunity to teach a group of primary school children how to design an item of clothing by draping and taught them about the different areas of the fashion industry that they could explore themselves. He created and made wooden stands, organised the fabrics and through his enthusiasm he encouraged the group to explore this novel form of design. He taught the children the essential steps to creating their own designs, and how to draw them in proportion so they can be interpreted by other people in the industry.'

In what ways would you say your Arts Award has influenced your artistic achievement, creativity, leadership or progress? 

When I started the Arts Award I had a great interest in fashion design but my ideas were not specialised and I was unable to display them on paper very well. Throughout my completion of the arts award I began to look into ways to improve my work something I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. 

It was then that I learnt how to effectively draw my work. Seeing a design on paper that matched how it was in my head really ignited a stronger passion for fashion design. I began to research extensively into the industry and all the different categories there were, it was then that I really saw the elegance and beauty of evening wear, I began to design evening wear and still continue to do so to this day. Another thing that I would never have tried if it weren’t for the arts award was developing my leadership skills, however when the task presented itself in the Award I felt inspired to pass on all that I had learnt over the course of the award. I wanted to teach about the industry and how they can create their own designs just like me, in hope that I would inspire them just like myself to create their own designs

How has participating in an Arts Award impacted your artistic skills or career development?

Throughout the award my work became more specialised, until I decided that I wanted to design evening wear, this has provided me with a vision of a future career. Inspiring me to follow my dream job of a fashion designer now that I can now envisage exactly where I want to be. 

Also throughout the award I developed a hoodie. This design required a lot of communication with multiple people in the industry. I now have the knowledge and contacts to take a design on paper right through to a final product that I am able to sell. This provides me with a way of making money in order to develop my high end fashion business. The leadership section of the award has taught me presentation skills I didn’t have before which will help me tremendously in the future if and when I have to pitch my ideas to others.

What's next for you?

I will continue to build a portfolio of designs both in my spare time and during my AS art degree. I will then use this portfolio to apply to a number of universities for a Bachelor of Arts in fashion design. I hope to attend the University of Edinburgh and this portfolio is necessary in an application to do so. The Arts Award has taught me vital skills that I will need to create this portfolio.

What are your career aims? 

After completing my BA Hons in fashion design I hope to work for a large brand such as Dior or Chanel. This will give me the knowledge of the industry that I will need when I eventually start my own brand. I hope to develop this brand to sell luxury evening wear and open stores across the globe. I want to be the name that everyone thinks of when they hear evening wear.

Have you got any advice for other young people working towards an Arts Award?

If you hope to complete an Arts Award in the future make sure it is on something you feel passionate about. There is a lot of work that comes with it but the way that you will develop your skills and yourself throughout is more then rewarding.

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