On the 13th of February I was invited to photograph an evening of dance event at my school. The agent was run by a company called Rombert dance academy, they go around schools select talented dancers and teach them a dance for the event. The evening of dance was a great event as they had dances of all sort of styles which made it very interesting to watch. The talent displayed on at the event was incredible and as they were girls from my school there were people I knew dancing.  Also as I was photographer for the event I learned a lot from it about my art form as well as about other people’s and I had to use settings on my camera that I had never used before so it was really interesting.


Laura McGee

Laura McGee

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  • Bee Snellen

    On 9 March 2019, 14:45 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    Hi Laura!

    That sounded like a great opportunity! What were the challenges in photographing this event? Any chance you can add some pictures? We have a great photoblog feature that allows you to add multiple photos!

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