Silver Arts Award: Day 5 Summer Fashion School London

Full day in the studio 

Silver Arts Award: Day 5 Summer Fashion School London

With all the cutting complete today was the day I started to sew my shorts together.

Challenge:  Insert a zip

I had done this before on a pencil case I made last year, but still found it very fiddly.  In particular, pinning it correctly and working out where it needed to go.  Thankfully Kerry was on hand to offer advice and show me how to use the zipper foot.


Challenge:  use the overlocker to secure edges and prevent from fraying

Kerry showed me how the overlocker worked and I then had a chance to practise and overlock the seams on my shorts.  

Challenge:  fit a waistband

I had no idea there was so much involved.  With the fabric I had already cut out, Kerry showed me how to use interfacing.  This is thin white fabric type material which I had to cut slightly smaller than the waistband.  I then ironed it onto the waistband and the heat from the iron made it stick.  I then  folded it in half and pinned to the inside of the shorts. I then sewed on the outside in the ditch - the bit between the waistband and the shorts.  I found sewing it quite trick but having lots of pins kept everything together.

Challenge: sew on a pouch pocket

I thought this would be easy but unfortunately I ended up sewing all the layers of fabric together by mistake so you couldn't get one leg into the shorts.  I was really annoyed with myself and ended up spending ages unpicking it stitch by stitch.  I then re-pinned the pocket.  While I was doing it, I thought I could improve my design by adding a frilly trim just for fun.  I tried a couple of trims.  The first was too frilly and just not me but I then tried a lace version which looked much nicer.  I then decided to use the same lace trim on the bottom of my shorts.


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Evie Wildish

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 9 August 2018, 10:15 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Amazing work! What did you get up to on your other challenges?

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