Top New Digital Portfolio Platforms for 2018

Whether you’re applying for university or finding a space for your Gold or Silver Arts Award work, you may need something other than Microsoft Word or Powerpoint to showcase the best of you (cue Foo Fighters). Here are some ideas we’ve gathered for digital platforms you can use.

Top New Digital Portfolio Platforms for 2018

The Internet may seem large, unyielding, at times odd and questionable. But it’s also one of the easiest and most accessible ways to get yourself noticed. 

Creating an online digital portfolio can show off your technical side as well, as you’ll need to use your digital skills to make your website or platform. When it comes to organising your portfolio, these websites know how to do it best.

Digital platforms that are great for your profile: 


Tumblr is more than just memes - it is a blogging site that allows you to set up your own customised blog easily and upload all of your artwork. You can choose a portfolio theme from their catalogue of themes and find the one that bests suits you:



As Tumblr is so accessible these days, it is one of the best places to display your work to millions of people (yes, millions).


If you’re not much of a blogger, then why not try Pinterest! Beyond the crafty tips and interesting cooking advice, there’s a whole load of art that is ‘pinned’ up on the website. You can arrange your art however you want, and it’s so easy to sign-up through your Facebook or Gmail account:4f0d9bd11c4b150a43f88b38422ca94b97c37b28.jpg


Weebly is a lot more flexible than Pinterest & Tumblr. Not only can you set up your own portfolio blog, but you can create an entirely new website for free! It provides you with basic templates to start, and provides you with endless custom options to create a blog or website to suit your needs, and like Pinterest, you can sign up simply with a Facebook account to get started:



If you want write your Arts Award piece, rather than draw it, then Wattpad is the place for you! From romance to fan-fiction, and from sci-fi to poetry, there all kinds of amateur content on the site. 96650dcec828706d4fe04f3fb3cb01d2c0935ebf.jpg

You can even write up your own work - by simply logging in with your Facebook or Gmail account, you can create as much work as you want!


Instagram Stories


They may seem like they’re ripping off Snapchat, but unlike Snapchat, you can actually archive your stories to create a very unique portfolio! Record very short videos to show off your artwork, acting, music skills, or anything other art form you want to capture live. It’s also a great way to produce live/quick response reviews to events!



Of course you can use Voice as your portfolio! From photo blogs to opinion pieces, you can use Voice to your advantage:


As you can see, I’ve arranged all my work into a snazzy viewing experience. You can find out how to set up your portfolio by following these links:

The best thing about a portfolio is that you can present it however you want to reflect you as a person. Of course, when applying for university, the university will come with their own guidelines. But these tend to be flexible - refer to their websites if you’re unsure.

Now, get creative and show us what you've got! Check out our portfolio hub for other examples of awesome Arts Award portfolios. 


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