Imo Marinko | Trinity Talent 2018

Imo is celebrated in the TrinityTalent | Class of 2018 for Musical Achievement 

Imo Marinko | Trinity Talent 2018

Imo has been nominated by music teacher Ian Stuart for passing her Grade 8 jazz clarinet with distinction. “This 13-year-old girl gets up at 5.30am to practise every day of her own volition and is fixed on being a jazz musician,” says Ian. “She also achieved Grade 6 jazz sax with distinction this year and has both ABRSM violin Grade 7 and Piano Grade 5. Imogen is mad on jazz and has been to Ronnie Scott’s training days.”

Imo says that taking Trinity qualifications has had a huge impact on her musical skill and personal development. “They have given me a target to help me improve; and that improvement has provided me with the confidence to take on more performance opportunities,” she says. “Not only has working towards the qualifications improved my skills – most notably my improvisation – but the qualifications have opened up exciting opportunities for me, such as playing in Ronnie Scott’s Big Band for a day.”

Imo’s advice to fellow Trinity students? 
“Put in the hard work practising. Make the most of what you are strong at but also work hard to improve the things that you need to.”

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Header Image Credit: Sam Peate — Kingston Grammar School


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