Sean Doody | Trinity Talent 2018

Sean is celebrated in the TrinityTalent | Class of 2018 for Musical Achievement and Progress

Sean Doody | Trinity Talent 2018

Sean has been nominated by music teacher Glenn Hallam for achieving a distinction in both his Grade 6 and Grade 7 drums. “I have taught Sean Doody from the age of 8,” says Glenn, “and the commitment to his playing has been exceptional. We all know that commitment is needed when it comes to practice, but he has gone beyond what would be expected from somebody of his age.”

“With all the pressure of school and education, Sean has still proved that he can achieve his goals in music. He has also kept up good friendships and is well liked amongst his colleagues – an ingredient that every future musician should have. Sean is the future of music and drumming.”

Sean says that preparing for his Trinity music exams has helped him to aim at something specific and build his skills incrementally: “I have been able to progress, staying focused and practising regularly. The songs at each grade are varied and I always enjoyed learning them.”

Sean’s advice to other Trinity students?
“Enjoy the songs and practice every day, if you can. Listen to lots of different music.”

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