Neala Cahir | Trinity Talent 2018

Neala  is celebrated in the TrinityTalent | Class of 2018 for Musical Achievement and Progress

Neala Cahir | Trinity Talent 2018

Neala has been nominated by music teacher Gillian Caughey for passing both her Grade 6 and 7 piano exams with distinction. Gillian praises Neala’s achievement of obtaining both grades within the year: “Neala is very hardworking and has gained distinction in all her grades so far through to Grade 7. At a young age, she has played her exams pieces in the local hospital.”

Neala says that working towards the Trinity exams has really helped to improve her musical skills and overall personal development: “I have learnt that if you put in hard work you will achieve your goals. I started playing piano in primary 1 and sat my Initial exam in primary 3. Receiving a distinction in my first Trinity exam motivated me immensely, and every year since I have sat a graded exam and received a distinction. I feel that, through playing the piano, I have become a more confident, resilient student – and I understand the importance of enjoying music and practising in order to do well.”

Neala’s advice to other Trinity students?
“Enjoy playing your instrument. Don't see practising as a chore, but as something you love to do. Pick pieces that you know you will enjoy playing. Don't give up on pieces while learning. Instead, think of the amazing feeling you receive when you finish learning a piece and can play it to the best of your ability.”

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