Kate Thickett | Trinity Talent 2018

Kate  is celebrated in the TrinityTalent | Class of 2018 for Creativity

Kate Thickett | Trinity Talent 2018

Kate has been nominated by music teacher Helen Perry for passing her Grade 8 tenor saxophone exam with distinction. Helen says that Kate is a very talented musician, playing tenor and alto sax, clarinet, piano, as well as singing. But what is exceptional, she says, is her composition skills: “Kate has a unique approach to composition especially when composing for voices. Her GCSE composition has been acclaimed by the choir that recorded it for submission; and they asked Kate if they could perform it in their next concert.” 

Kate has been commissioned by Sheffield youth singers to write a piece for their choir and also for Sheffield Music School, where she wrote a piece for quartet. “Kate has a very modern approach to her composition,” says Helen, “and her pieces are vibrant and new. Definitely a name to look for in the future. She is a very talented musician with an original flair.”

Kate says that taking music exams has provided her with a goal to work towards. “It helps to provide focus for my practice, as well as giving me qualifications which demonstrate my progression over the years, and of which I am very proud. It also extends my repertoire, and the varied Trinity syllabus exposes me to a range of styles, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.”

Kate’s advice to other Trinity students?
“The examiners and stewards have always made me feel at ease, with plenty of time to warm up, and the exams have been very positive experiences, so there's no need to feel anxious on exam day – as long as you've put the necessary preparation in!”

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