Tevini Yeshara Dias | TrinityTalent 2021

Tevini is celebrated by TrinityTalent for her Progress shown during her Grade 7 Piano, and is the Youth Choice for Classical and Jazz.

Tevini Yeshara Dias | TrinityTalent 2021

14-year-old Tevini was nominated TrinityTalent for her outstanding Progress shown during her Grade 7 Piano she completed with music teacher Sue Hill. Tevini has shown great passion for music and has also been learning the guitar and violin. 

She was nominated by her parent, Mahesh Dias, who said: "Her passion and commitment for music was well demonstrated over the last two years and we witnessed a completely different musician in herself. Tevini had been truly inspirational to her younger brother and brought the whole family together."

The TrinityTalent panel said: "We are impressed with Tevini's musical skills and can see her progress in stepping out of her comfort zone to take on new instruments. We are excited to see her future progress!"

The Youth Choice panel said: "We can tell Tevini is really dedicated to music. We recognise her ambition and drive. She has lots of initiative for starting a new instrument. She should be so proud of how hard she has worked."

How do you feel about being selected to be part of TrinityTalent Class of 2021 and being recognised in this way?

The minute I came to know about being selected for TrinityTalent, I was ecstatic. The pleasure I experienced was very different. I felt that my humble, genuine efforts to uplift the wellbeing of my family during unprecedented times over the last two years, with whatever I had within my reach (which on this occasion were my few instruments), had been recognised, valued and admired on a completely different scale. This was not something I did for my personal gain but purely for others.

How do you feel you have developed creatively and artistically in 2021?

I have developed creatively when I tried playing piano duets with my brother even though we were at various levels in our music development. Additionally, I started to explore the world of music from listening to various sonatas to hearing the different interpretations of music.

What impact did your Trinity qualification achievement have on your artistic development?

It pushed me further to unleash my musical potential. Having experienced many Trinity qualifications and exams, I have seen that it has helped me encounter and familiarise with the different musical styles and has encouraged me to practise my music so I can achieve a good outcome at the Trinity qualification.

Has taking part in a Trinity qualification helped you to develop wider skills, such as communication skills, creativity or confidence?

It has helped me develop a wide range of skills. For example, it definitely helped me become more patient and hard-working (especially, when I was preparing for my music exam). It also made me more confident and I started to join various instrumental groups e.g. Guitar Ensemble; this developed my communication skills with the other musicians.

If you took a digital music or drama exam, please tell us how you found the experience of recording your performance

Frankly, taking the digital music exam was surprisingly an arduous task. It meant that I had to practise hours and hours before I could take my performance as I would perfect each little, minor error until I was satisfied. From experience, now I know that no performance can be 100% perfect so try your best at your digital performance exam and don't worry too much!

What are the next steps for you artistically and creativity in 2022?

I am looking towards taking my Grade 8 Piano exam and Grade 7 Guitar exam in the coming months. I am also developing my violin skills at Grade 6. Most importantly, I would continue to explore what other areas I can use music to find solutions. On this occasion I proved to myself that I managed to bring tranquillity to my family with music and it demonstrated therapeutic benefits.

What are your longer term aims, for example for your future studies or work?

I can apply all the benefits of music to my further studies whether it be aiding my time management skills or reducing stress. Music can help me in the times I need it the most, it is my friend that I can keep forever. I hope to study medicine in the future and in my view both music and medicine go hand-in-hand with each other.

Have you got any advice for other young people working towards a Trinity qualification?

Find your own passion in music, and explore what it can do to you and to others. And, pursue your musical ambition or dream. Never give up.

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