TrinityTalent | Class of 2021

A young man wearing a baseball hat and young woman wearing a wig singing; facing to the left with mouths wide projecting.

Trinity College London is delighted to introduce the TrinityTalent | Class of 2021

TrinityTalent recognises talented young people achieving Trinity’s drama and music qualifications in the UK, and Arts Award. 

An open process invited  young people who had completed a Trinity qualification in music, drama or Arts Award in 2021 to be nominated for one of three categories: Creative Flair, Leadership and Progress

We received a number of nominations from passionate teachers, friends and parents.

The nominations were reviewed by the TrinityTalent panel and Youth Choice panel. Young people from each qualification were selected to be profiled on Voice and make up the TrinityTalent | Class of 2021. 

A ‘Youth Choice’ was chosen from each subject: Arts Award, Classical & Jazz, Drama and Rock & Pop, based on a range of achievements, experiences and personal progression. The Youth Choice panel were impressed by the quality of nominations received which showed a wide breadth of skills and personal development.

Find out more about the young people involved in the Youth Choice Panel in the gallery below.

“TrinityTalent provides a great platform to celebrate the artistic and personal journeys young people have gone on to achieve a Trinity qualification. Hearing about their achievements both in their preparation for their qualification and beyond is truly inspiring”. Catherine Sercombe, Head of Performance, Trinity College London

Nomination categories

CREATIVE FLAIR: originality, inventiveness

PROGRESS: commitment, growth, stamina, personal development

LEADERSHIP: leading, supporting or inspiring others

List of Nominations

Trinity College London and Voice magazine would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who nominated a young person for this year's TrinityTalent class. As well as those who feature in our Class of 2021, the following talented nominees are recognised by Trinity:

  • Katie Ward
  • Em Beddoes
  • Alice Forbes
  • William Forbes
  • Adam Meziane-Joynson
  • Isabella Loxston
  • Roman Norris-Aston
  • Abigail Shearer
  • Elsie Morse-Brown
  • Willow Ashbury
  • Amy Wood
  • Elisabeth Hinze
  • Florence Murton-Armer
  • Tom Ravenscroft
  • Louie Cox
  • Solveig Marja Lunt
  • Erin Mills
  • Daisy English
  • Artha Gowda
  • Arya Gowda

A collage image consisting of 5 pictures, cut diagonally right for each image. There is also a heading stating “Trinity Talent – Class of 2021”. The first image on the bottom left, is of two girls working on a piece of art in a classroom, the second is a young man in a leather jacket with an acoustic guitar on his lap in a dark room with ambient lighting, the third image is on a young woman facing left singing with her mouth open wearing a blonde wig, the fourth image is of a young man playing the drums, the fifth and final image is of a young man wearing headphones recording a performance.