Micah Hamilton, Classical & Jazz

We catch up with Micah Hamilton who achieved Classical and Jazz Grade 4 Piano. 

13-year-old Micah has recently completed his Grade 4 Piano while also exploring the drums and saxophone. He's currently studying for his Grade 5 Drums and Grade 5 Piano Trinity College London exams online. 


How did you find the process of working towards the qualification? 

I found it challenging as lessons had to be online due to the pandemic and exciting as I wanted to get the best grades I could get. 

How did you find the digital exam experience? 

I was nervous but I did enjoy completing the exam. I enjoyed practising and preparing for it, although it was challenging.

What did you find challenging about the process of preparing for the assessment? 

Having to film and perform all three pieces in one take. You want all the pieces to be the best you’ve played them and this was challenging.  

Where have you found sources of help and support and what has been helpful? 

My music teachers Mr Reynolds and Mr Munday and my parents were extremely supportive. 

Welcoming new opportunities

Have any new opportunities been opened to you through working towards a Trinity qualification?

I've joined the school band and performed for church charity events arranged by my piano teacher. 

What has been the impact of this experience? 

It makes me feel happy. It improves my self-confidence and I feel that I am contributing to something positive. I enjoy being able to play music. 

What has been the personal impact of working towards the qualification? 

My skill level has increased together with my self-confidence. 

What have you learnt from the experience? 

I have learned to adapt to work online without face-to-face lessons, working hard really reaps rewards! 

What is the impact on your creative development and artistic practice? 

I am learning about listening to different types of music.

Has there been an impact on your wider learning?

I feel I am able to concentrate and focus for longer.  


What’s next for you?

I am now having online music lessons with the hope to take my Grade 5 Drum exam and Grade 5 Piano exam this year. 


What would you recommend to other young people working towards a Trinity qualification? 

Select songs from the Trinity guidelines that you enjoy playing as you will be practising them and you should enjoy listening to music. Follow your music teacher's instructions as the sooner you do, the quicker you grasp things. most importantly enjoy!

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  • De-Mornae Clarke

    On 15 March 2021, 11:11 De-Mornae Clarke Kickstart Team commented:

    This is amazing! Nice to know that even though the pandemic has changed exams and how people progress musically, Micah was able to adapt and smash it in the process.

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