How Trinity Speech and Drama exams set the stage for one student's life

Read how Amy Frisby's love of drama flourished with the Trinity College London Speech and Drama qualification, helping her to set decide what she wants to do with her life. 

Amy's acting journey began at the age of four, marked by achievements such as attaining Trinity College London Speech and Drama qualifications and gaining recognition in the TrinityTalent Class of 2021. Being a person with autism, she emphasises the crucial role played by Trinity College in ensuring her access needs are met. What sets her story apart is not just the accolades but the personal growth she attributes to her experience.

In Amy's own words, Trinity qualifications were a confidence booster, helping her navigate and overcome shyness both on and off the stage. Beyond the immediate impact on her self-assurance, these experiences have profoundly influenced her career choices. Amy delved into the world of drama through Trinity Speech and Drama exams, developing a profound appreciation for improvisation, inspired by British sitcoms and comedians. This passion seamlessly translated into her current role as a trainee play worker, where she extends care to children with autism.

Having completed both in-person and online drama exams, Amy leans towards the flexibility of the latter. Currently navigating the challenges of her GCSEs, including Drama, Amy looks to the future with a keen interest in writing workshops, harbouring aspirations of one day writing, directing, or producing her own shows. Throughout her creative journey, Amy expresses gratitude to her drama teacher, Michelle Montague, for providing invaluable guidance. The advice that resonates with her and shapes her outlook is simple but profound: "Dare to be." It's a piece of wisdom she now shares with others contemplating Trinity qualifications.

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