Read Frankie’s experience of Trinity graded Piano exams

“They (Trinity) place an emphasis on understanding the music rather than just playing the notes exactly as they appear.”

Read Frankie’s experience of Trinity graded Piano exams

Frankie Bregazzi is a passionate young pianist, with plenty of experience of Trinity College London qualifications under his belt. He has previously completed Grades 4, 5 and 7, and is currently studying towards his Grade 8. 

As a performer, the Trinity assessments have really helped to shape him as a musician and informed his musical journey. First and foremost, he feels the exams help to foster an appreciation for music which only grows as you put more into your work:

‘From starting with the selection of the pieces, your musical repertoire really gains from the variety of music that’s available. That then starts to create a cycle, where you listen to more music which then informs your practice, which then leads to more exploration and so on, all of which serves to bolster your musical capabilities.'

That then helps to expand his understanding of the theory, and that combined knowledge helps to appreciate the building blocks of composition. 

‘I can start to see how it might branch out, and hopefully it can go into some of my own compositions. I worry if I had not done the exams, I might not have been given the opportunity to see such a wide variety of music. I wasn’t as open to such pathways.’

His creative inspiration comes from the performances of artists such as Jill Morton who he feels plays Trinity grade pieces in an expressive and powerful manner. He also credits Mr Lovell, his piano teacher at Simon Balle School with giving him the freedom to explore a variety of different styles to keep expanding his performances.

He found that the varied styles of music available in the Trinity Piano 2021-2023 syllabus gave him that freedom to truly shape his performance. He stresses that you shouldn’t worry about how complicated or difficult something looks - you should just focus on what makes you happy:

‘Branch out and try different genres. There’s so many different styles and genres that you might not see if you stick to one thing, so pick what you enjoy, what is new, and what’s different. You never know where it might lead.’

To read more about Frankie’s experience, visit the Trinity College London website

To learn more about Trinity Music qualifications, visit Trinity on Voice.

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