How preparing for a Communication Skills exam boosted one student’s public speaking confidence

“The idea of being able to produce my own presentation and come up with my own topics for discussion was more appealing to me than just learning a piece of prose again. It felt like I was going to learn more skills doing it.’”

How preparing for a Communication Skills exam boosted one student’s public speaking confidence

17-year-old Katie Benson recently achieved a Grade 8 distinction in Communication Skills at Trinity Champion Centre, Godolphin and Latymer School. Previously, she had completed Grades 3-5 in Speech & Drama, but was looking for something a little bit different that would compliment her existing skill set. 

Through the Communication Skills exam, Katie was given the opportunity to conduct independent research and present a viewpoint on a contentious issue, where she decided to talk about the repatriation of art. It gave the chance to really consider both sides of an argument, and to also find her own voice, rather than try to embody somebody else’s.

‘I really did enjoy the process of preparing, because I was given the freedom to do it on any topic. I genuinely enjoyed researching and finding the content for my presentation.’

As a result of her Communication Skills qualification, Katie now feels more confident in public speaking, and even feels able to consider jobs that have components of public speaking in them – something she never wanted to do beforehand. She also feels more comfortable participating in academic discussions and debates. 

Follow the link below to read more of Katie’s story, and get her top tips on completing a Communication Skills exam.


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