Kickstarter: Trainee Journalist

Join our team as a Kickstarter. We're offering 7 roles in all and on this page are details of joining us as one of 3 trainee journalists.

Kickstarter: Trainee Journalist

Work with our team to create exciting, engaging and informative content for young people aged 14-30

This role will source news content, provide analysis of current events, conduct interviews with experts and artists, and support the editorial direction of the website.

You will increase your knowledge of the creative world and develop experience with news writing, reviewing, interviewing and communications. You will also get to review shows showing online as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We are looking for trainee journalists to cover politics and youth issues, music and art, or media and entertainment – with opportunities to collaborate and explore areas of interest. An interest in arts education would be an advantage. These are the tasks you’re likely to do:


  • Interview policy makers and activists
  • Write up politics and youth issue news stories
  • Talk to experts to help explain big news events
  • Review political artwork
  • Appear on our podcasts to discuss the big stories

Music and Arts

  • Source interviews with artists and creative people
  • Write up music and art news stories
  • Find and review new music
  • Send recommendations to Voice’s Media Sub-editor to create playlists on Spotify
  • Appear on our podcasts to discuss the big stories

Media and Entertainment

  • Interview artists and creative people
  • Write up film and TV news stories
  • Find and review short films and media 
  • Help Voice’s Media Sub-editor find new content when appropriate
  • Appear on our podcasts to discuss the big stories

You will also peer-edit other people's work and actively contribute to our social media and marketing plans to extend the reach of our coverage.

 View details of our other roles, what we're looking for and how to apply

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