Kizzy Lumley-Edwards | Trinity Talent 2018

Kizzy is celebrated in the TrinityTalent | Class of 2018 for Musical Achievement

Kizzy Lumley-Edwards | Trinity Talent 2018

Kizzy has been nominated by singing teacher Susan Turner for passing her Grade 7 singing exam with distinction. Susan says that Kizzy has achieved distinctions in all her Trinity exams (singing and drums); not to mention “a fabulous 97% for Grade 7 singing in July this year.”

Kizzy says that she has taken Trinity Classical Singing Exams from Grades 4 to 7, one every year since she was 12 years old: “For each exam, I tried out lots of songs from the Trinity syllabus. This introduced me to all kinds of music, from different time periods to different styles and languages. It expanded my repertoire and – as the songs are chosen appropriate to that particular grade – they introduced me to new skills and techniques that helped my voice develop at a sensible and healthy pace.Having an exam to work towards gave me a goal to aim for. They keep me motivated to practise the harder things, like sight reading, as well as the songs.”

Kizzy’s advice to other Trinity students?
“Explore lots of different styles of music. Step out of your comfort zone. Don't go for the obvious choice. You may surprise yourself and find you love baroque or hate singing in Russian; but you will learn something new from each song. Oh, and practise your sight reading!”

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