Beldon Haigh Unleashes Halloween Chills with Dynamic Anthem 'Anyway You Want It'

Scottish act Beldon Haigh is known for telling stories through songs about broken stuff, uniting through emotion, laughter, and healthy disrespect for the peddlers of consumerism and bastions of elitism.

Beldon Haigh Unleashes Halloween Chills with Dynamic Anthem 'Anyway You Want It'

"Anyway You Want It" refuses to hold back, presenting itself as an adrenaline-fueled rock anthem that demands attention. With an unrelenting tempo and pulsating energy, the song invites listeners to plunge into its depths.

This electrifying song delves deep into the shadows of a tumultuous relationship, unraveling the complexities of narcissistic entanglements and intentional blindness, ultimately leading to a gradual awakening. In a world dominated by individualism and consumerism, the track serves as a poignant exploration of relationships functioning as an anesthetic in an era of unhealthy sacrifices.

Accompanying the musical intensity is a visually spectacular video, cloaked in smoke, fire, and special effects. Featuring zombified caricatures of prominent figures like Trump, Putin, and Kim Jong, Beldon Haigh skillfully leverages this chaotic imagery to enhance the song's intensity, leaving audiences both intrigued and amused.

For Beldon Haigh, music is a weapon and they are not afraid to use their voice & sound to shed light on societal issues and point what is wrong in today's society.

We can't wait to know what theme they will explore in an upcoming single!

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