Philippa Jayne Kearsey | TrinityTalent 2019

Philippa is celebrated by Trinity for Creativity in Drama.

Philippa was nominated by her parent for her creativity in her Drama qualification. They said 'The certificate has given her the confidence to apply to other areas of the arts and she now sings by successful audition for the National Children's Choir of GB. This exam has provided her with some amazing skills for the future.  Its the combination of her musical ability and acting skills which have taken her that far.'

In what ways would you say your Drama qualification has influenced your artistic achievement, creativity, leadership or progress?

This Trinity qualification has enhanced my creativity as it allowed me to combine my love of drama with music. I performed three monologues, sang a piece of opera and played my flute – these all had to interlink with one another to a theme. The monologues were all quite different so the use of costume and props had to be part of the actual performance. I really enjoyed using different accents in the monologues and singing in Italian. I had to be very creative to ensure a smooth transition between the different selections of work, writing my own links to make it into one twenty minute performance. I also had to think about staging, lighting and how I was going to perform each piece moving from one character to the next.   

How has participating in a Drama qualification impacted your artistic skills or career development?

Trinity exams have impacted my artistic skills by giving me the confidence to tackle exams/pieces that are normally for older students. The feedback given by the examiner is written in a very positive manner and allows me to learn how I can improve going forward. The Trinity Voice exams gave me the confidence to audition for the National Children's Choir of Great Britain and I have now been singing with them for two years. I am very excited as we will be touring Poland this year and then South Africa. The Drama exams have enhanced my acting skills enormously as the choice of repertoire appeals to every type of actor. I am lucky to be on the books of an agent and I know that Casting Directors are impressed with the training that I have received to tackle these exams. This has meant that I have now been involved with professional acting and been involved with two short films, a music video and a commercial shoot for Warner Brothers. The Music exams have helped me to be involved in some great music ensembles, which means I learn how to work in a team, communicating with fellow musicians and how to interpret pieces of music as a group rather than individually. 

What's next for you?

I would like to continue with the Trinity Drama and Music exams, there is such a variety of exams that they cover any kind of performing arts that you can think of. I would like to achieve grade 8 in their Drama, Music and Voice exams as this will hopefully help me to pursue some kind of career in the performing arts. I really enjoy Trinity's performance certificates, having passed the foundation and intermediate ones so would really like to take the advanced one too. 

What are your career aims? 

I would love to pursue a career in the performing arts and really hope that I am able to go to a college to study acting full time after my A-levels. I want to continue attending castings for professional work and hope that I can build upon my skills learnt from my Trinity exams into theatre, TV or film work. 

Have you got any advice for other young people working towards a Drama qualification?

It might seem daunting to take exams in front of an examiner but it’s good to remember that they want you to succeed. The examiners are experts in their fields so their comments are really helpful if you want to improve upon your craft. Always choose acting pieces or music that you really enjoy to perform. Practising can be tricky at times but it does pay off if you are fully prepared for exams, as it will make you feel confident on the day of the examination. Even if things go wrong, don’t worry just carry on as this will make you stronger and you will learn from the experience. You will learn so many skills when taking exams, which will really help you later on in whatever career you choose.

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