Louis Mclean | Trinity Talent 2018

Louis is celebrated in the TrinityTalent | Class of 2018 for Progress

Louis Mclean | Trinity Talent 2018

Louis has been nominated by music teacher Pat Morrissey for passing his Grade 7 classical guitar. Pat says Louis has been coming to me for guitar lessons for over ten years and has a natural talent for music: “He has dedicated himself to learning how to play the classical guitar, is extremely conscientious and has persevered over the years. The climax of his achievements to date has been to gain a distinction at Grade 7 this summer 2018.”

Overcoming the challenges of reading music, Pat says this has enabled Louis to become a competent musician. “He can combine his natural flare and creativity with the skills he has learnt,” says Pat. “Louis is a pleasure to teach and I am very proud of his achievements.”

Louis says that doing Trinity qualification has significantly improved his technique. “Not just in classical guitar,” he says, “but across different styles. The knowledge gained from studying a piece of music in depth allows me to appreciate the structure and composition of a song.”

Louis advice to other Trinity students? 
“Play frequently and play what you enjoy. Prepare well for exams so that you can be confident on the day.” 

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