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Drake Music is the leading national organisation working in music, disability and technology.

Who we are
Drake Music is a national arts charity working across the UK. We have bases in Bristol, Manchester and London. We are a National Portfolio Organisation for Arts Council England and are also funded through Youth Music.

We have been pioneering the use of assistive music technology for over 20 years. This enables more people to make music.

In that time, we have developed lots of imaginative methods of teaching, learning, writing and playing music.

We are specialists in using technology to break down disabling barriers to making music.

What we do
Central to our work is the belief that everyone can fulfill their creative and musical potential, given the right opportunities.

We work where music, disability and technology meet to:

create opportunities and instruments that make music fully accessible
increase participation in music-making at all levels
build an integrated musical culture where disabled and non-disabled musicians work together as equals
Our skilled team has an excellent track record of developing and delivering outreach, training and education initiatives for disabled musicians of all ages and abilities.

We research and develop new accessible musical instruments and technologies to create more ways with, by and for disabled people to make music.

Our artistic development programme supports disabled musicians to progress their work and we offer training and consultancy for teachers, music hubs and other organisations.

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