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Nominations have now closed! 

Voice is thrilled to be working with Trinity College London to feature talented young people who’ve achieved Trinity’s Arts Award, drama and music qualifications in the UK. Meet the young artists we featured last year in TrinityTalent | Class of 2020

Teachers, family members and peers who know the work of students can nominate young artists aged 13-25 who have shown excellence in one of the following categories in 2021: CREATIVE FLAIR | LEADERSHIP | PROGRESS 

A specialist panel will select young artists to feature in TrinityTalent | Class of 2021, an online gallery on Voice. All nominees will also receive recognition from Trinity. The Class of 2021 isn’t just about showcasing high-flyers. We welcome nominations of young people who may have overcome specific challenges or demonstrated progress in any category. 

Young people must have achieved a Trinity College London qualification in 2021 in one of the following arts areas: ARTS AWARD, CLASSICAL AND JAZZ, DRAMA, ROCK & POP

They may have achieved their qualification at any grade in any of the following specifications:

  • Classical and Jazz (any syllabus)
  • Rock & Pop (any syllabus)
  • Speech and Drama
  • Acting
  • Musical Theatre
  • Performance Arts
  • Communication Skills
  • Arts Award

Nomination categories

You can make a nomination for Trinity Talent 2021 under one of three categories: CREATIVE FLAIR | LEADERSHIP | PROGRESS

You can only nominate a young person for one category. You must make an individual nomination even if the young person undertook a pair, group, or in-production examination.

Please read the guidance carefully and select the category the young person best demonstrates through their participation and achievement of their qualification.

CREATIVE FLAIR: originality, inventiveness

Innovators who have shown originality in their art form or demonstrated creativity and imagination in the work produced.

They may have used their skills to create original compositions, performances or art work towards their qualification. This might be demonstrated through the use of experimental performance or artistic techniques, performances or compositions in a non-traditional or contemporary style. They may have created an original art work, musical composition, script, prose, poetry, film or choreography for performance or display.

They may have used their qualification to explore their art form or creativity further. This may mean continuing to develop their art form skills beyond the requirements of a qualification by exploring new ways to create work, performances or collaborate with other in their own or a new art form.

Young people’s creative flair may be demonstrated through their participation and achievement of their qualification or in wider experiences which have led on from the qualification but should demonstrate how young people have been inspired to be creative in their art form practice.

LEADERSHIP: leading, supporting or inspiring others

Young people who have taken the lead in helping others to achieve or develop their skills or have led a group to create their own project or event. 

They may have acted as a mentor to younger students or peers, led workshops, developed a programme or group in their school or wider community or produced or directed an arts event, performance, orchestra, choir or similar. 

This maybe their first experience of being a leader or they may have developed their confidence as a leader and used their qualification as a springboard to create new opportunities to lead others. 

Leadership may be demonstrated through participation or achievement of their qualification and through wider experiences which have led on from the qualification.

PROGRESS: commitment, growth, stamina, personal development

Young people who have shown commitment in their work towards their qualification and made personal progress in their art form or personal skills. 

They may have expanded their art form skill range, grown in confidence in developing and presenting their artwork, shown commitment in their learning or sought to achieve despite personal challenges. They may have developed confidence to take on new artistic challenges beyond the life of the qualification which may be on their own or as part of a group or wider school /community activity.

Young people may be new to their art form or very experienced. As they have worked towards their qualification, they have made personal gains which has grown their abilities in their art form and their personal confidence to pursue their arts learning.

Progress may be demonstrated through their participation and achievement of their qualification or in wider experiences which have led on from the qualification.

How to nominate

1. Ensure you have permission from the young person you would like to nominate. 

2. Click on the 'Nominate Now' link below to fill in the nominations form. This is what our panel will use as evidence for selecting nominees so please provide as much detail as possible in no more than 600 words and include up to TWO links to webpages, audio or video which illustrate the category you are nominating for. Guidance on the selection criteria used by the panel is available here

3. Do include any relevant context about the nominee's life, circumstances or challenges but PLEASE ensure that you have permission to share these details and that the young person is happy for us to approach them with this information.

4. Nominations are open from 2 November to midnight 17 December 2021.

5. Our panel will use the nominations form to discuss nominees at a meeting in January 2022. They will select a handful of stand out young people for each category and art form to represent TrinityTalent | Class of 2021.

6. TrinityTalent | Class of 2021 gallery will be published on Voice from March 2022.

Nomination guidance

1. Anyone can nominate a young person for TalentTalent 2021 including a parent, teacher, Arts Award adviser or peer. To make a nomination the young person (nominee) must:

  •  Be aged 13 - 25 by the close of nominations on 17 December 2021     
  • Have passed a Trinity qualification in Music, Drama or Arts Award between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2021
  • Live in the UK and have taken your qualification through a UK-based registered Trinity public or private exam centre or Arts Award centre
  • Provide consent for the nomination to be made including young people having their story published by Trinity and Upstart Projects.*

2. Nominators should ensure that their statement of how the young person (nominee) meets the criteria for the category is clear and succinct. This is the information the selection panels will consider, therefore please consider how your nomination meets the selection criteria available here.

3. Any submissions of evidence for a nomination are only to illustrate the information provided in your statement. We are not assessing the quality of performances, leadership projects or the nominee’s skill level in their art form. Please do not provide more than two examples as these will not be reviewed by the selection panels.

*Please see the TrinityTalent 2021 terms of nomination for more information
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Download our helpful FAQ’s document here