TrinityTalent | Class of 2019

Trinity is delighted to introduce the TrinityTalent | Class of 2019

TrinityTalent celebrates young artists who have developed their practice through Trinity qualifications in 2019. This year we’re celebrating even more young people who have participated in Arts Award, Rock and Pop, Classical and Jazz or Drama Trinity qualifications! 

An open nominations process invited teachers, peers and family to propose young people taking Trinity College London qualifications who had shown excellence in Artistic Achievement, Creativity, Progress or Leadership. We received an impressive 70 nominations from passionate teachers and parents — meet our featured artists in the four galleries below and check out the roll call of all nominees.

'Trinity is delighted to celebrate the creativity and achievements of these young artists and proud that Trinity exams have supported their development. Congratulations to the Class of 2019 — we’ll be watching your future paths.’ — Sarah Kemp, CEO, Trinity College London

Nomination categories

artistic skill, excellence in performance

This could be a top performer whether in music, drama, art or any artistic activity covered by Arts Award - on and offstage, or someone who has noticeably developed their artistic skills this year.

originality, inventiveness

Innovators who use their skills to create great new sounds or works of art. It could be through improvisation in acting, a new musical composition or arrangement, or an inventive collection of work. 

commitment, stamina, personal development

Young people who have put in the time and effort to make progress. Whether it’s learning a new skill, taking on an ambitious project, or gaining more confidence in presenting their art. 

leading, supporting or inspiring others

Those who’ve played a role in helping others to achieve or have led groups to create their projects. 

Full List of Nominations

Trinity College London and Voice magazine would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who nominated and was nominated for this year's TrinityTalent class. And the roll call of nominees includes:

  • Abigail Victoria Broadbent
  • Aimee East
  • Alice Baker
  • Alice Williams
  • Amelia Awan
  • Amy Buchan
  • Andis Kaupelis
  • Ardenne Smith
  • Azimun Abdar Begum
  • Bayley Burridge
  • Caoimhe Linighan
  • Elizabeth ramsden
  • Emily Higgs
  • Finn Kelly
  • George Goddard
  • Hajra Bibi
  • Hannah Anderson
  • Hareth Alshaban
  • Harry Robert Johnson
  • Harry Thomas Wyatt
  • Heather McLachlan
  • Ibby Williams
  • Isobel Green
  • Jack Jones
  • James Richard Reger
  • Jessica Robinson
  • Joseph McLennan Parish
  • Kirsty McLachlan
  • Krishna Wijayasingam
  • Kristyna Vavrova
  • Leanesh Sivakumar
  • Lexi Talbot
  • Lily McClatchey
  • Lottie Thompson
  • Lucy Carmichael
  • Lucy Toal
  • Lydia Matterson
  • Maisoun Namoura Alaa Eldin
  • Maisy Almond Jenkins
  • Malaika Eyebi-Kadock
  • Maryam Bibi
  • Max Trayner
  • Mya Bellenie
  • Mya Lee Bellenie
  • Orla Veronica Bernadette Mulrooney
  • Palis Pisuttisarun
  • Philippa Jayne Kearsey
  • Phoebe-Rae Levene
  • Poppy Asher
  • Pranav Ganesan
  • Rachel Day
  • Siena Barr
  • Simeon Wynne
  • Skye Weaver
  • Theo Hayhurst
  • Ulmeet Kaur
  • Victoria Whitehead
  • Xanthus Ingram-Peters