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VISIT OUR WEBSITE 'WHAT'S ON' PAGE to see which shows will be at your nearest venue! COMING SOON: *AROUND* by Race Horse Company Arriving with a caravan of hobby horses, two acrobats transform an empty stage into a charming circus with the help of a band of musicians. This plucky circus troupe’s quirky show begins with a monkey playing guitar. Elephants and snakes are conjured out of thin air, twinkling soap bubbles float in half-light, an underwater diver flips and twists in front of your eyes. There is juggling, sword swallowing, hula hooping, acrobatics and clowning, all performed to live music. Around is a show in which the unimaginable is made possible. Captivating and performed with beautiful skill and artistry, it is perfect for little ones and their families. >> TOURING the UK 9 - 15 April 2017 *SUPER SUNDAY* by Race Horse Company Welcome to the mischievous and playful world of Circa Tsuica. A company of Super Sunday is the newest super-fun show from Race Horse Company, the acclaimed all-male Finnish circus troupe with a reputation for madcap brilliance. Big on flying, big on skill and big on stomach-churning thrills it is delivered with laidback humour on a stage dressed as a derelict funfair. Against an atmospheric soundtrack, tension builds as the six performers casually propel themselves higher and higher on trampolines, teeterboards and with catapults. A single slip and things could be messy! Funny, brave and irreverent, Super Sunday is so exciting that you cannot look away for a second. Edge of your seat stuff! Considerations: Light hearted Christian religious motifs which may offend permeate Super Sunday. >> TOURING the UK 20 April - 3 June 2017 *THE TOAD KNEW* by James Thierrée James Thierrée, the multi-talented European performer and director with an impeccable theatrical pedigree, creates beautifully weird and undeniably wonderful theatrical productions. His latest, The Toad Knew, is a spellbinding creation. Critically acclaimed, it is a seamless mix of mechanical marvels, seductive music, surreal humour and acrobatic finesse. From within an ever changing fairytale lair, six characters emerge to act out their bizarre world. A piano plays itself, plates magically appear and disappear, a red-hooded woman with a swooping voice transforms into a lizard and a staircase spirals up to nowhere. At the centre of it all is Thierrée, the masterful physical clown. Helped by a squat servant and hindered by a man beast, he is partnered by Valérie Doucet cartwheeling, contorting and corkscrewing and the spinning aerialist Thi Mai Nguyen. A unique theatrical experience and a triumph of wonders, miracles and surprises, The Toad Knew is unmissable. >> TOURING the UK 3 - 11 May 2017