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VISIT OUR WEBSITE 'WHAT'S ON' PAGE to see which shows will be at your nearest venue! COMING SOON: *MOTOSIKAI* by Race Horse Company Motosikai (moto-seek-eye) is a unique, outdoor show performed with a transit van by Race Horse Company, the renowned Finnish circus artists with a reputation for madcap brilliance. Three daredevil acrobats appear and disappear from the van to perform increasingly absurd and reckless tricks. With great skill and humour they fly off a huge seesaw, tumble with giant bouncing balls, juggle on skis, pogo, throw weights and push themselves to their physical limits. With its boyish clowning, exuberance and daring, Motosikai is a fun street stunt show that leaves its audiences exhilarated. >> SHOWING: Kent Festival, Canterbury 26 & 27 August Belfast International Arts Festival 7 & 8 October