Turmoil by Georgina Colman | FIRST ACTS

Coming face-to-face with yourself is never easy.

Turmoil by Georgina Colman | FIRST ACTS

You visit a café on a lovely sunny day surrounded by fresh green forest for a cuppa. You decide to be on your own - on your own with your thoughts as they come back to haunt you again.

Georgina Colman's Turmoil is a statement on mental health in men, showing us how everything may seem fine on the outside, but on the inside men are forced to contain all of their issues until the point they explode.

The use of location in the first few seconds of the film gives off the illusion that everything seeming peaceful and tranquil. Until we meet our nameless protagonist. Immediately, we are plunged into a world of tension, uncertainty, and fear. We don't understand what's going on, but then again, neither does he.

It gives a clear view that he isn't ok - but he can't hold it in for much longer. Even a small spillage of coffee agitates him. He tries to convince himself and others that he's fine. He's far from fine, though, he's falling apart.

What I loved most about this short film was the simplicity of the film, which, in retrospect, juxtaposes the issues explored. For me, the message of complexity of ill mental health in men was clear and it couldn't have been portrayed more brilliantly.

My only criticism is that it does feel somewhat too simplistic. I think that Turmoil could've done better with more dialogue as, whilst the lack of it does add to the tension, it did feel, at times, a bit awkward and, as a result, I was less engaged. I also got the same feeling from the actor, whose acting was a bit plain and didn't really exude the emotion despite the situation. All things considered, Turmoil is an excellent start for Colman with a message right in front of the viewer - one that can't be ignored.

Whoever watches this shall be exposed to the turmoil of mental health and so it does the noble job of helping to end the ignorance surrounding it.


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