The Lowry

My review on The Lowry, Manchester...

The Lowry

In Manchester, there lies a building dedicated to the works of L.S. Lowry, it is simply named "The Lowry"

When I visited The Lowry, I was excited for viewing the famous works of L.S. Lowry but I was disappointed with the actual exhibition of his works and I think that the curators could have been more creative with the layout and the presentation of his works because, when I was walking round, there were several rooms, all connected by corridors with blank white walls, displaying just a few paintings with masses of writing on the background of the artworks.

This was disappointing as his artwork is so famous and so amazing, but I personally feel that the layout and the actual exhibition of his work was the main let - down of the event.


However, I did enjoy viewing his work and I did enjoying visiting The Lowry but in my opinion, to make the exhibition a lot better, the actual visual and the display of his artwork needed to be improved. If Lowry's artwork is "the Painting of Modern Life" then shouldn't the exhibitors be reflecting "Modern Life" in their displays?

I encourage everyone to visit The Lowry to see for themselves and to view their own opinions on the exhibits of the works of the famous artist, L.S. Lowry


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 24 February 2017, 11:59 Luke Taylor commented:

    L.S Lowry was certainly an artist of his time - but it's a shame about the exhibition! Maybe you could do your own Lowry exhibition?

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