Hillier Gardens 50/50 Picture and Paint

Review of my visit to Hillier Gardens art exhibition

Hillier Gardens 50/50 Picture and Paint

What are your first impressions?

My first impressions were wow, I was amazed by all the colours and shapes and there were so many interesting photographs and paintings.

What do you find most interesting?

I find the photography of the elements and nature are the most interesting because it just stands out and makes you want to be immersed in nature.

What do you like best, and why?

I found a photograph called "Stag in the mist" taken by Kev Sandell. What I love about this photo is how the stags head is just poking out of the brown bracken in the morning mist. 'Stag in the Mist'

What do you think could have been done better?

The photo may have looked better if the stag was not looking straight at the camera but was busy eating or looking off into the distance.

What ideas has it given you that you might do yourself?

It's made me want to take more photos of nature and the animal in their natural habitat.

What did you learn?

I have learnt that taking photographs of nature can really make a photo magical and it adds a lot more depth.

Did you really enjoy the experience overall? Why or why not?

I did enjoy the experience because I loved seeing all the photographs and paintings of animals and plants to buildings and abstract shapes.

Would you recommend it to others? If so, who? Why?

I would recommend "Sir Harold Hillier Gardens" to others because I think it's a really interesting place and a great day out.

Did it make you think about photography differently?

Yes it did, it made me want to test different angles on photos and see how they came out as I had seen some amazing photos with certain angling that I had never seen before. Rachell Chappell and some of her work in the background


Andrew McGruer


  • Luke Taylor

    On 10 November 2017, 15:47 Luke Taylor commented:

    Great review Andrew! I like your interest in photography

  • storm Hargreaves

    On 28 November 2017, 15:06 storm Hargreaves commented:

    really good Review Andrew. sounds like you really enjoyed the exhibition. I really liked Rachel chapels nature photography too. storm :)

  • andrew cunningham

    On 15 December 2017, 13:33 andrew cunningham commented:

    It sounds as if you really enjoyed this exhibition Andrew. Great review!

  • Holly Emery

    On 15 December 2017, 13:48 Holly Emery commented:

    It sounds like you had fun and you would like to go again

  • Holly Emery

    On 15 December 2017, 13:48 Holly Emery commented:

    It sounds like you had fun and you would like to go again

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